The Most Flattering Jeans for Your Body Type

by Editorial Team | May 28th, 2015 | Casual Wear, Women's Fashion

jean_picJeans are a staple garment for most women’s wardrobes. Jeans can be dressed up or dressed down, and no matter what body type you are, there is a style of jeans to suit you. If you are lucky enough to find the perfect pair of jeans, look after them well. Men have it easy – they can buy a pair of cinch jeans and look great, no matter what body shape they are, but for a woman, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a pair of jeans that flatters.

So if you are looking for a new pair of jeans, here is a guide to help you choose the right style for your body type. And once you have this sorted, you can shop with confidence!

Pear-shaped women are blessed (or should that be cursed?) with a large bubble-butt, meaty thighs and short legs – kind of like Jennifer Lopez. The good news is that there are plenty of jeans that fit this body shape to a tee. Look for bootcut jeans with a high-rise waist that balance out your figure.

The Apple
Apple-shaped ladies have long, slim legs, a rounded tummy and a non-existent butt. This body shape can be harder to style because a lot of apple women are very self-conscious about their generous tummy. However, you will look great in a pair of high-waist skinny jeans that pull your tummy in and flatter your slim legs. And if you are having a fat day, wear a loose fitting, long top to cover your belly bulge.

The Brick
Brick ladies strongly resemble a brick. It might not sound very flattering, but bricks are athletic and muscular, which is actually rather attractive! Brick-shaped ladies have narrow, boyish hips and muscular thighs – usually from lots of athletic training, but not always. Wide leg and bootcut styles look good on a brick, especially if worn with some heels. You may be able to get away with skinny leg jeans, but try them on first in case they are too tight in the thigh area – and pick dark denim to minimize your chunky legs.

The Hourglass
Ah, the classic hourglass figure: lots of women would kill for the curves of women like Kim Kardashian and Christina Hendricks, but a lot of jeans don’t flatter this particular body shape, so hourglass ladies don’t have it all their own way. If you have a curvy butt with a tiny waist and slim calves, look for wide leg jeans with a contoured waist to balance you out and prevent gaping at the waist.

The Beanpole
Beanpole ladies are straight up and straight down, with no discernible curves. Being so slim is good news because you can get away with super skinny cuts. You can also wear boyfriend style jeans, but stay away from baggy cuts. And unlike other ladies, you can rock funky stitching and fancy pocket embellishments.

Jeans shopping needn’t be a nightmare – just remember to try your chosen style on before buying and if one brand doesn’t fit, try another.

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