The Most Stylish Spring Specs

by Lori Sciame | March 15th, 2011 | Fashion

Glasses have moved from being a clunky necessity to being a style statement.  Remember the buzz about Sarah Palin’s rimless, #74 Kawasaki’s?  In 2008, that particular frame, plus a host of knock-offs, epitomized hot.  Spring 2011 promises to be hot as well.

Chunky… that single word describes what’s new for men’s eyewear this season.  Several stars, including Seth Rogen and Johnny Depp, have become known for this type of frame.  The movie, The Single Man, with Colin Firth has inspired a line of 1960’s retro frames for men as well.  Tom Ford Eyewear promises that these nostalgic black frames are high style.  Ford explains that “the point is to avoid looking “retro” and always look completely modern.”

The Wayfarer, available from the 70 year-old Ray-Ban company, are also a style-must this season.  The popularity of these sunglasses last peaked in the 1980’s mainly because of Tom Cruise and the infamous Risky Business dance scene.  Both men and women will be style-forward if they choose to sport this type of sunglasses when they hit the beach.

Other sunglasses “must-haves” for women include oversized frames.  Ray-Ban has introduced the Jackie Ohh, an oversized frame with plenty of style.  Other designers, such as Gucci, also show large frames in bold colors, including red, blue, and white.  Retailers across the nation are offering plenty of choices as well, so every woman, even one on a budget, can look like a star.

Spring 2011 also brings heightened style to women’s prescription eye glasses.  Because they provide an extra spark of style to any outfit, many women own several pairs – work, play, and going out!  Fortunately, with the myriad of low cost frames available, it is now possible to afford more than one pair as well.

It is important to remember, however, that unlike sunglasses, glasses worn for vision correction should not be oversized.  A popular shape this spring remains the rectangle, which acts to frame the eye.  It can be found in both substantial frames, as well as in rimless varieties.  Like sunglasses, however, color also translates into “cool” in eye glasses.  Inspired by such stars at Lady Gaga, many women are choosing colorful frames over metal or black ones.  Fun web sites, such as Frames Direct, let a buyer view literally thousands of frames in every color of the rainbow.  A quick search led me to Burberry baby blues and Prada fire-engine red!

No matter what type of sunglasses or prescription glasses you plan to splurge on this spring, remember, each type will add to your intended style.   What do you want to project?  Drama?  Romance?  Class?   Once you have determined the look you wish to create, you can then choose the frames that best compliment that particular look.  And for prescription glasses, don’t forget about your face shape and coloring.

Thank goodness prescription glasses and sunglasses have become such an integral part of style and fashion.  With the variety of frames available for spring 2011, anyone can amp up his or her style with one of the trendy styles mentioned above.

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