The Never-Ending Shops in Manhattan

by Jaclyn Abergas | November 10th, 2009 | Travel Shopping

We’ve discussed the Downtown and Midtown shops of Manhattan but wouldn’t you know it? The list doesn’t end there. We still have Uptown and the Outer Borough shops to discuss.


madison-avenue1. Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue, between 57th and 79th Streets, is the most expensive retail real estate in the world. Cash is fine, but plastic will work better. The most luxurious (read: expensive) boutiques are located in this part of Manhattan. From Barney’s to Shanghai Tang to Lalique, be sure to keep your eyes open for celebrities shopping.

2. Upper West Side

The best shopping street here is Columbus Avenue. Between 66th Street and 86th Street, small shops for families and hipsters can be found to satisfy their retail therapy needs, including Maxilla and Mandible and Harry’s Shoes. You’ll find The Shops At Columbus Circle here, which houses the biggest retail names and offers a spectacular view of Central Park. You’ll find Williams Sonoma, Hugo Boss, Coach and a 59,000-square-foot Whole Foods Market.

3. Shopping One-Two-Five Street

Chain retail outlets have started appearing one-by-one at 125th Street. Old Navy, H&M and The Children’s Store are some of the stores that have popped open in this area. But Harlem hasn’t lost its identity. It still has its own hip-hop boutiques, like Jimmy Jazz and Jersey Man Cap USA. And the 125th St. Record Shack, with its collection of jazz, gospel, R&B and hip-hop, has not lost its touch since 1979.

Outer Boroughs

1. Williamsburg

If you’ve scoured the entire Manhattan island and still can’t get enough, then hop on the L train and take a ride to Williamsburg. Williamsburg is the new place to go shopping. A lot of the small shops in Manhattan have their original shops here. Visit Brooklyn Industries, and stock up on Brooklyn hoodies and sweatshirts. Go to Beacon’s Closet, Brooklyn’s best vintage music and clothes store. Be sure to drop by Earwax, where they store an eclectic music collection.

There you go. This concludes the Manhattan retail store series. Think you’re ready to take on the challenge now? Good luck! And be sure to watch your credit card that it doesn’t wear out.

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