The Owl Accessory Craze

by Lori Sciame | July 3rd, 2013 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

owlOver the past few years, owls have become the latest trend.  There are owl themed shower curtains, owl stationery, owl dishes, and even owl fashion accessories.  A true blast from the past – the late 1960’s and 70’s – owls have replaced frogs, pigs, dogs, and cats in the women’s accessory department.  Invest in an owl accessory today to take advantage of this latest fashion forward craze.

Owl Jewelry

As a child, I owned an expressive silver owl necklace.  I sure wish I had kept it, as owls are back in a big way.  There are necklaces, earrings, pins, bracelets, and even rings adorned with cute owls.  The choices seem endless, as these items are available from a myriad of retailers.  One such place that offers owl themed jewelry for reasonable prices is etsy.com. They showcase everything from large statement owl necklaces to demure owl earrings.  Click on this link to see all the gorgeous pieces available.

Owl Handbags

A great way to jump on the owl accessory trend is with a cute tote, clutch, or purse.  From vivid neon hues to dark jewel tones, handbags exist to suit every woman’s taste and pocketbook.  There are adorable bags for use at farmer’s markets, as well as flashy clutches to accent a chic black dress for a formal dinner party.  Check out thefind.com for a tremendous variety of the latest owl bags. Not sure which handbag to choose?  Then buy more than one!

Owl Scarves

If owl jewelry or handbags aren’t enough, designers have also produced women’s scarves with an endless variety of owl prints.  One can choose from silk, cotton, and knit scarves…all featuring darling owl designs.  For a deliciously chic wrap, follow this link to a lush scarf available in blue, black, creme, grey, and brown.  $5.98 (free shipping) buys this large scarf suitable for either a day at the beach or a night on the town.

Owl Belt Buckles

If a reader can’t get enough of anything owl, then she may wish to purchase an owl belt buckle.  Nextag.com showcases a variety of sizes and types of belt buckles.  Playful and fun, these buckles will perfectly accentuate a dark pair of jeans or a long shirt. Ranging in price from $8 – $35, these belt buckles also fit any woman’s budget.

Owl Umbrellas

A final owl accessory is the umbrella.  What woman wouldn’t want an owl protecting her from a warm summer shower? For only $12.50, Totes has an owl face umbrella suitable for the adult, while hinting at the child one still harbors inside. As their website states, this accessory allows for rainy day fun!

Final Thought

From this overview, most women should be able to find an owl accessory (or two) that suits her unique personality.  Whether she chooses a dainty owl ring, or a neon colored handbag, or a owl emblazoned scarf, her look will be instantly updated with the addition of a little “HOOT!”




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