The Perfect Back to School Outfit

by Sam P. | August 20th, 2013 | Casual Tops

jeansAs much as it is being dreaded by every student alive, school is going to be here, and fast!  And the first day is always overwhelming, but the perfect outfit will at least take out the stress of  looking good.

Now nobody wants to wear jeans on the first day, as it’s way too hot.  A pair of cropped pants are going to be a blessing for those first few weeks where it still feels like summer.  If you can’t find any, don’t like any, or they just don’t fit right (I’m with you there, as I can never find them in the right length), you can always just roll a pair of jeans.  By doing this, you can also wear your favorite pair from last year and not have to worry about them being too short.

Another way to stay cool is to wear a thinner shirt that isn’t too constricting. Breezy cotton tee’s give a very relaxed vibe and are so comfy!  But if you want to go a bit nicer than just your everyday outfit, you can always rock a lacy tank that is nice and flowy.  Match it with some ballet flats, and you could even wear straight from school to your after school job!  Keep the makeup simple.  A nude lip, rosy cheeks, and a chic black eyeliner wing will grab everybody’s attention.

If you want to take a girlier approach, maxi skirts in tribal prints will wow all your friends!  With a plain black or white tank it brings a girly island feel to your boring math class.  Coral lips and basic eyes will amp the island vibe.

And for those of us who want to bring a rock vibe back to school for a brand new image, red skinnies are the perfect way to do so! Pair with a thin black jacket and a black tank to look like the toughest, but still cutest, girl in school. Black ankle booties are great usually, but in the summer heat, black ballet flats will complete the look just the same.  A smoky eye and nude lips perfect this tough chick look.

As for your hair, let it go natural.  Nothing says I’m ready for this more than embracing your hair’s natural state.  A little bit of mousse, and you’re all set!  Scrunch your hair with a diffuser to amp up your curls or waves, and go for it.  Just make sure to pack a couple extra hair ties in case your hair becomes over the top.

And for those of us who have naturally straight hair that doesn’t frizz too much, well we are very lucky and should show off what we have.

Hopefully you are now ready to tackle the new school year! Or at least the first day.

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