The Perfect Blazer

by Mackenzie M. | August 10th, 2012 | Men's Shopping

As life progresses, the days of simply wearing an untucked button-up shirt with a tie to look formal fade into the past. As commitments and occasions become more formal, every young man must invest in at least a basic level of dressy clothing.

While a suit may be overkill for a situation, and just a button-up and tie will look underdressed, the classic fashion blazer for men comes to the rescue.

The theme of my week has been trying to find the perfect blazer for fall events with little avail. From bargain stores to online shops, I have tried them all. In the process I have learned a number of great tips for young men looking to purchase a blazer, which I discuss below.

To address the most basic of issues first, we must clearly define what exactly a blazer is. A blazer is a suit-type jacket that is far more casual and is worn on its own, rather than being part of a complete suit. Men’s blazers also differ from sport coats, due to fabrics, buttons, and pockets. The perfect blazer has sturdy, yet smooth fabric as well as being single breasted. Blazers are very popular at college-aged events, as they are a great way to show off your physique, but also look incredibly formal.

The best blazers are either navy blue or black. Navy blue often holds a distinct southern country club look, with their shiny buttons and slim fit. Black blazers can look very classy, but are less young and fashionable; however, when picking out a blazer, color is not the most important aspect tot take into consideration. The fit is by far the most critical physical attribute of any blazer. Rather than a roomy suit jacket fit, a blazer should follow the contours of a man’s body, rather than make him look like a blob of navy blue or black.

A navy blue blazer paired with a pink button-down shirt, khaki pants, and nice shoes easily creates a well-dressed look while keeping en element of style and approachability. Blazers are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing, and they can be worn with nearly every outfit. From v-neck t-shirts to knit sweaters, blazer class up even the most odd combinations.

Because the blazer is so important and versatile in a man’s wardrobe, it can be hard to find the right blazer for you and your body type. For example, at a local store today I went searching for blazers. The result was suit jackets being sold as branded blazers. At all costs avoid spending any money on the wrong article of clothing.

On the Internet, blazer shopping can be notably easier. Men looking for a perfect blazer should first look in stores where they can try them on, and then move to online shopping. If a blazer is a little too big after purchase, tailor shops will gladly fix the seam, length, or width required.

Never pay more than $50 for a blazer, especially while in college. Just keep in mind that it is a necessity for most young men.

  1. Michele says:

    I agree that college students should avoid spending more than $50. If you have access to a good quality consignment shop, I would suggest looking there. I have found many nice blazers at stores such as this. However, it may take more looking, as they don’t have a full array of sizes.

  2. TK says:

    I love the blazers I own! They are a staple of my winter and fall wardrobes.

    And like Michele mentioned above, my absolutely favorite one I have in my closet right now is from a consignment shop.

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