The Perfect Casual Friday Look

by Mackenzie M. | March 23rd, 2012 | Men's Shopping

Although some work places allow casual Friday attire at any time throughout the work week, most offices only allow casual clothing one day a week. To many, this may be an opportunity to come to work in worn jeans and a Hawaiian shirt, but for guys who want to make a good impression on the boss and coworkers, casual Friday can be the time to shine. In this competitive job market, it is important to perform as best as possible, and that includes dressing the part.

Fortunately, casual Friday outfits are relatively easy to put together, and cost much less than expected. And as with any outfit construction, there are plenty of dos and don’ts. To be viewed as fashionable and professional, avoid Hawaiian shirts, button-up short sleeved shirts, and of course, worn out jeans.

The first step in putting together the perfect casual Friday outfit begins with the shirt. Visit jcrew.com to view a plethora of casual look shirts that can easily be transformed into professional attire. As spring is upon us, bright pastel colors are the most desirable when choosing a shirt. At J. Crew these sun-faded solid oxford shirts can be found for around $70, but other stores such as the J. Crew outlet, Macy’s, and even H&M offer them anywhere from $20-60.

Pants are equally as important as the shirt. Although it is technically casual Friday, and wearing casual jeans is tempting, opt instead for either tighter-fitting dark jeans or slim black pants. The designer Energie sells slim morris black pants for upwards of $200, but again, places such as H&M, TOPMAN, and UNIQLO in New York City offer appropriate black pants starting at $20. Chinos also go with the outfit well, but they often can be viewed as a little too relaxed for casual Friday.

Moving down the body, the shoes are what absolutely makes or breaks a casual Friday outfit. As tempting as it is, wearing athletic shoes to work on casual Friday is a definite fashion faux pas. It sends the message that the weekend has already begun, and that the employee is getting ready to run out of the office. Retailers from Fossil to Puma offer more upscale looking sneakers made of dark brown or black leather. A simple brown leather shoe with or without laces goes with a casual outfit, but also sends the message that the employee is still invested in the work day. For the best prices on leather shoes, several shoe stores at malls offer large selections of nice quality leather footwear for reasonable prices.

Finally, wearing a nice silk tie counteracts all of the other casual aspects of the outfit. This will show the boss that you can dress sensibly without being too formal or too casual. A black tie will add an edge to the overall look. Again, always remember to shop places like H&M first for the best deals!

Casual Friday can be your chance to shine at the office.  Show you care about your job by dressing for success.

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