The Perfect New Year’s Eve Party Dress

by Sam P. | December 24th, 2013 | Casual Tops

woman posingAs the new year draws closer, we are all making plans to just accidentally show up at the same party as your crush just in time for the countdown.  Not all parties are formal, but more often that not people like to dress up or be more festive for New Year’s Eve, at least girls tend to.  With so many dresses to choose from, not to mention styles, colors, patterns, etc., you will definitely need my help.

Now I usually don’t just say a specific store to go to, but around this time of year Charlotte Russe does have a ton of perfect dresses.  Delia’s, as well, has a lot of great ones.  For those of you who don’t have these stores where you live, Charlotte Russe is a teen/young adult girls store.  The sizing is similar to any junior’s section.  They tend to have more risqué clothes and they tend to be tighter, as well.  Delia’s is the same type of store, except more modest.  By this I mean more poofier skirts and higher neck lines.

I tend to lean towards Charlotte Russe for two reasons; there’s a Delia’s in one of the two malls near where I live and I tend to forget which it is in, and two, I very much like my body image and I do have a very petite, yet muscular, frame.  This doesn’t mean that if you aren’t a size 4 or smaller you can’t shop there, anyone can shop there, but if you do have low self esteem with the way you look, as many teenage girls do, you may want to at least start out at Delia’s or a store like it.

Now when I think New Year’s, I think black, gold, silver, and blue, but I also think many people think that, so if you want to stand out go for a bright red or pink.  As for style, that’s really up to you as everyone has different tastes.  But this year, bodycon dresses are very much in, as well as rouching, one shoulder dresses, strapless dresses, and empire waist lines.  Both rouching and empire waist lines are very flattering, each in different ways.  Rouching can help a lot if you want to wear a tighter dress, the rouching helps to hide your “problem areas” if you have any.  Bodycon dresses actually do this as well, except in a different way.  They sort of suck in and smooth out due to the tightness and thick material.  Empire waist dresses also can help hide the tummy and thighs if it is a flowy dress.  This dress will also help lengthen your legs immensely.

This New Year’s, I have decided to opt for a simple little black dress that I am actually borrowing from my mom, I love the fact that we are the same size.  To make it stand out more I’m pairing it with bright statement jewelry and to lengthen my legs a pair of black pumps.  That’s my perfect New Year’s Eve dress, what’s yours?

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