The Perfect Prom Heels

by Sam P. | February 10th, 2015 | Shoes, Teen Fashion

high heels (400x400)Finding the perfect heels for prom can be a daunting task.  I mean just finding the right dress is hard enough as is.  They need to be tall enough to make you feel elegant and glamorous, but not so tall that you can’t walk in them.  I love the classic black pump, but nude is always an option.  I try to shy away from colors in case there is a last minute dress change and you are left with shoes that clash with your dress.  Blinged shoes can be beautiful, but sometimes a girl can overdo it on the sparkle.  Plus, they can cling to your dress and rip it.

The classic pump is always a good choice, but for heel newbies they can be hard to walk in.  My favorite pair of pumps have a half-inch platform with a three to four inch heel.  Despite the relatively tall heel, the platform makes walking in them loads easier.  I have another pair of beautiful black pumps that are probably five inches tall and have gold strands of thin chain link draped from one side of the heel to the other.  Believe me, they are way more beautiful than they sound.

For those of you that find walking in heels difficult, a shoe with an ankle strap or even a slingback are going to be your best choices.  You can find them just as high as any other heel and in any color or style you desire, but they make walking in heels feel like child’s play.  I love the type that have a platform like any other pump, but then have the straps wrapping up and around over the top of the foot creating a beautiful design.  This will make your foot feel more secure in the heel without giving up any of the style.

The main thing to be sure of is that you can walk in your shoes.  You can always hem your dress shorter and wear flats.  Also, remember that you don’t need new heels for every dance you go to.  To almost every dance I go to I wear the same four inch shiny black pumps.  Another thing to remember is that heels should not be your big splurge.  Lets say you want sparkly shoes and the ones you like are $80.  Buy a similar heel in a matte black, silver, gold, whatever you like, and then glitter them yourself.  It is as easy as painting on a thin coat of glue and dusting them in glitter.  Cover them in a clear coat and you just got killer sparkly heels for a cheaper price.

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