The Perfect Shade of Blush

by Delaney M. | June 15th, 2012 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

When it comes to a woman’s make-up routine, it almost always includes applying blush. Many women who use make-up are unaware and unsure on choosing the proper palette of blush for everyday situations. Most may think that it’s okay to wear the same shade of blush for everything or every season, but little do they know that there are different shades and colors that should be used in order to look proper at different times and in different situations.

There are three different ways to choose what tone of blush to wear. They are collaborating with daily events, the seasons, or the color of your complexion.

Different events within a day call for different colors and shades of blush. As an example, going to work should involve a more subtle application of make-up; therefore, I would suggest wearing a light pink, shimmery blush. That will add some pigment to your skin without making you look like you are wearing too much. Then if you are going out on a date or just with friends later that evening, that is when I would suggest applying a darker, more daring shade; however, do not over do it making yourself look like a Raggedy Ann doll or a drag queen.

Besides choosing your blush based off events, you could also decide on a shade depending on the season. Starting with spring, a light, airy shade of pink goes along great with the fresh, pastel colors of the season. For the summer months, a more vibrant shade of pink that glistens in the sun will give you a sun-kissed shimmery look. During the fall, I would choose a more subtle tone that looks sophisticated. Then for winter, choosing a darker, demanding tone will match with the feeling of the cold season. It will also match better with your clothes, since winter apparel consists of warm shades.

Last, but not least, deciding which shade of blush to wear can be chosen based off of skin tone. Typically, every color of blush does not look good on every skin tone. If you have a fair complexion, it is suggested to wear any color close to light pink or peach. If you have a beige complexion, I would suggest choosing a rosier pink that has a deeper pink shade to it. Having a tan or darker skin tone, you can pull off pretty much any shade of blush. All shades will give your skin beautiful color definition.

When it comes to suggesting a brand of blush, I would highly recommend Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish Blush. It is known to be long lasting, it gives a natural sheer finish, and it is smudge resistant. Also, it can be found at almost every local drugstore in your area. Lasting Finish Blush is a decent price at only about $7. Next time you are choosing a blush to apply, remember these three different suggestions!

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