The Perfect Summer Swimsuit

by Sam P. | June 2nd, 2015 | Essentials, Teen Fashion

swimsuit (400x400)Bathing suit shopping is both the greatest and worst thing ever.  Let’s be real, who wants to stand in front of a distorted mirror in hideous lighting while we critique every little nook and cranny of our body while wearing the tiniest thing possible while still being socially acceptable in public.  I certainly don’t.  Especially after the winter season while I am still pale and pasty looking.  And if you don’t have a “normal” body, although who does, it is even worse.  We all know the frustration of nothing fitting, whether everything is too big or small.  I constantly have the problem of the rib cage and straps being too big if the cups fit, or the cups are too big if the rib cage area fits and the straps aren’t too long.  And if bathing suits come in set matching sizes?  I don’t even bother looking at them because they won’t fit.

If you have a large bust like I do, at least proportionally I do, you will want a sort of sports bra like top.  It will hold you in and make you feel comfortable.  Many come with a zipper so you can adjust how much cleavage you show off.  High neck bathing suit tops are also great.  If you want to try a fun one piece find one with supportive, sculpted cups and side-boning.  It will help to hold you in, while avoiding uni-boob.

If you’re lacking a bit on the backside, don’t bother with sagging suits anymore.  Find bottoms that are ruched to add volume and avoid saggy bottom syndrome, a single line of ruching down your crack actually give the biggest oomph.  For a one piece actually get one with cutouts in the back.  It draws attention to your back and backside and makes it more noticeable.  Bright and fun patterns will help with this.

If your chest is on the smaller side a bustier top will give you the best lift.  The underwire will help pump the girls up a bit more and will help to push them up more than a triangle top would.  If you want to try a one piece, but have always been too scared of looking flat, you can finally wear one.  Even though you wouldn’t think so, a plunging neckline draws the perfect amount of attention to your chest, and since you girls are small you have just the right amount of cleavage to pull it off.

If you are curvy all over high waisted bottoms were practically made for you.  You won’t have to worry about them sliding or not holding everything in.  A top with thick straps will help hold you up, as well.  If you prefer a one piece avoid solid colors and pick fun patterns and colors to avoid getting an old lady look from a more supportive suit.

And just because these are the “suggested” styles doesn’t mean you can’t play around.  If you have a long torso, but a flat behind, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock high waisted bottoms.  And if you have a smaller chest feel free to adventure with high chested bikini tops.

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