The Shops of San Francisco

by Jaclyn Abergas | May 5th, 2009 | Travel Shopping

Have you come to San Francisco to shop your heart out? Ahh. Good choice. There are a lot of unique shops in the city that you will never find anywhere else. Most of these stores sell products that are  personalized or unique in their concepts. And some streets offer the perfect ambience while shopping for the stuff you need.

1. Chestnut Street

There are a lot of shops to be found along Chestnut Street. There’s Bare Ecsentuals, City Optix, Bluebird Gifts, Williams Sonoma, Chadwick’s of London and Kimmel’s Stationary. There’s always something here for everyone. Looking for jewelry? Drop by Deleuse Jewelers. How about something to make you more beautiful? Try The Body Shop. Or maybe you want something for your camera? Try Fireside Camera. And, at the end of the day, unwind at one of the numerous cafes and restaurants in the area.

2. Chinatown
Ahh, Chinatown. Known for its decorative and unique buildings and the famous Dragon’s Gate, which signals your entrance into Chinatown. Located between Union Square and North Beach, it’s the perfect place to get cheap souvenirs and gifts for your family, friends and, sometimes, colleagues. Be careful when buying cheap gifts, though. Some of them may be cute but totally useless. So, make good choices and be sure to shop around first. Don’t buy at the first store you go into because you’ll definitely find the same thing in another store with a lower price.

3. Fillmore Street

With over nine blocks filled with shops, cafes and restaurants, it’s easy to get lost and stay on Fillmore Street. From art galleries to antique shops to clothing stores to book shops, there is a shop for everyone
here. Looking for make-up? Drop by MAC, Kiehl’s or Neja Cosmetics. Looking for furniture? Try Kuraya and Shabby Chic. Visit Paper Source or Papyrus for your paper and stationery needs. Whatever you need, you’re bound to find a store you’ll like.

There are more shoppers’ streets to explore in San Francisco, so watch out for that!

Be careful when shopping in San Francisco, it may be inexpensive at first, but it will add up. And, as much as it pains me to say it, remember the 9.5% sales tax in San Francisco.

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