The Streets of Mont Tremblant

by Bea | December 28th, 2009 | Shopping Secrets

Shopping in Mont Tremblant is actually pretty easy. You look, figure out what you want to buy, and then think about the places that you could possibly get the things you want for at least half of the prices listed on the tags in the stores!

The other thing that makes your life pretty simple while shopping in Mont Tremblant is the fact that every store pretty much sells the same things; extremely nice jackets and pants, gloves, mittens, hats, and depending on whether it is a ski or board shop, you also will find that sport’s respective equipment. Of course, the different shops have different patterns, colors, and brands, so one hint would be to look through every store before you decide to buy a certain article of clothing just in case you find a, for example, jacket that you like just a little bit more than the one you thought you were going to buy. The good thing about these stores is that although they are competing with each other, everything is priced the same. Soloman mittens are $89.99, a white plaid Burton sweatshirt is $119.00, and a knitted hat is $30.

Some of the boutiques that are located in the Tremblant area are Boutique Burton, Boutique Salomon, Boutique Adrénaline, and Le Ski Shop. These are all really well presented stores that have boots, jackets, pants, helmets, and more that just cry out for your attention. I cannot even begin to tell you how many jackets and sweatshirts I eyed in our walks through the boutiques. But some of the prices were not even realistic enough to pass for an early birthday gift or something. For instance, I found this North Face jacket that was so incredibly nice, but it was $500. Five hundred! However, even though the prices are ridiculous, the store owners are always extremely friendly and are more than willing to help you out even when they know you won’t be able to actually buy what they are offering to you.

Shopping, or more like window shopping it should say, along the streets of Mont Tremblant is a very pleasant experience—I only wish I could afford a souvenir! I suppose the pictures will have to suffice.

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