The Toddler’s Skirt

by T Akery | May 11th, 2012 | Kids' Shopping

Skirts and dresses are a very popular choice for toddler girls to wear. In their world, the frillier they are, the better they look. Yet, toddlers aren’t always going to keep their skirts down when playing. This can sometimes lead to embarrassing situations for parents. Furthermore, there may be specific dress codes in regards to wearing skirts at daycare. So when you shop for these frilly items, you need to look at a couple of things in addition to the love factor that a toddler may express for a particular skirt.

The first thing to do when examining a toddler’s skirt is to look at the inside. For maximum modesty with a measure of freedom, look for a pair of shorts sewn in. Even though this is technically called a skort, it is still provides a measure of security for modesty’s sake. It is a necessity for toddlers who are very active on the playground.

The second thing is to consider the fit at the waist. It is here where toddler’s skirts can become very tricky. If possible, you want the adjustable straps in the waistband. This is because not all size 2T skirts are going to fit a 2 year-old. Some are too big and can fall off. Others can be too tight. The shorts sewn inside will do no good if the skirt keeps falling down.

Then there is the length to consider, especially if you have trouble with the waist size. A smaller skirt size can also mean a shorter skirt length. So make sure that the length also works especially on toddlers that have longer legs than their peers.

If you decide on a skirt without the shorts, you want to make sure the skirt works with a pair of shorts under it. Remember, your toddler will have to wear two waistbands, and this might not always be the most comfortable for them. It also requires removal of two items when it comes to the potty. So you should take that into consideration as well. The length of the skirt will also play into whether or not you can see the legs of the shorts.

There is more than just the frills to purchasing a toddler’s skirt. It can be tough to say no if there are features missing. But if you want a mostly worry-free piece of clothing, you need to stick to your requirements for their skirts.

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