The Wine Gift Tag Worth Giving

by TK | January 29th, 2010 | Men's Shopping

I have a friend who says, “Never go to a house with an empty hand.”  This is his way of remembering that when you are invited to a house or party you should bring some flowers or other hostess gift.  Being a wine fan, my friend’s proverb was a good excuse to give a bottle as a gift.  But packaging and labeling the gift for presentation was always an issue.This past weekend, at the Boston Wine Expo, I found a product that makes that part of the giving a whole lot easier.  Drink Me Tags are “colorful, custom designed cards with taglines”.  These gift tags hang on the neck of a wine bottle and make it a gift worth noticing.  With a combination of whit and design they offer sentiments like, “It’s 5PM Somewhere,” “Grape Therapy,” and “Drink me.”

Instead of searching for the right sized gift bag or (even worse) trying to wrap it in cellophane or gift wrap, try this simple and catchy gift tag.  Buy a bottle of vino, and then purchase the perfect Drink Me Tag for your recipient.  Both you and your wine will be well received!

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