The World is on Sale – Les Soldes

by Mackenzie M. | July 11th, 2012 | Men's Shopping

In France, the time period between June 22 and July 26 is known as Les Soldes. In English, this roughly translates to sale season. Stores around the nation of France slash prices on everything, offering the latest fashions for at least 30% off of the regular retail price. Needless to say, the famous stores of Paris are absolutely packed during this entire season.

Les Soldes remains a French tradition, but as of 2012, it is slowly making its way around the world, allowing shoppers from Europe to Asia to North America to get fashion for a discount price. Men’s fashion is no exception.

In France, the sales are all state-regulated and run during two periods of the year: one in summer and one immediately after Christmas. Department stores, boutiques, and other shops all offer discounts of 30-90% on the fashion of last season to clear out their stores for new arrivals. It is no wonder that the French have such impeccable style, as even the designer items are slashed up to even 90%.

The men’s fashions of classic departments stores such as Galeries Lafayette, Le Bon Marche, and other designers can be obtained on even the smallest budget. For an American, this may not seem to apply, unless a trip to Paris is scheduled during this time; however, many of these spectacular deals can now be found online, making French men’s fashion available to men around the world.

If you have a working knowledge of French, the website of Galeries Lafayette is the best place to start. This centuries-old department store has been offering the latest fashions to men since its opening. Nowadays, its online shops offer the full selection found in the actual store, and they are willing to ship internationally. If French is too difficult, websites such as 1000 Bonnes Affaires and L’internaute offer brief overviews of the top deals offered at a collection of hundreds of French shops. It is truly the gateway to discount men’s fashion. Be sure to check the information section, as select stores still do not ship outside of France.

If French men’s fashion is not tantalizing enough, stores in a plethora of other nations around the world now take part in the tradition of Les Soldes. Japan is the next country to find discount men’s fashion during this period. Modeling the same dates and discounts as the French, fashion stores across Japan also slash their prices during this time. International chains such as Zara and H&M, offer sales from 30-70% off for the entire month of July.

Closer to home, European-affiliated chain stores in the United States and Canada also celebrate Les Soldes. Although there is not a specific list of stores in the United States that are holding sales, a quick Internet search is sure to generate a long list.

For the latest in men’s fashions, and for the lowest prices, there is no better time than the season known as Les Soldes. Take advantage of it to look like you just stepped off a runway!

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