Think Spring Office Attire!

by Lori Sciame | March 6th, 2014 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

officewear (400x400)Only a few more weeks until spring arrives!  Because of this, we can finally turn our attention to updating our work wardrobes with pieces that will complement the soon-to-be warmer temperatures.  It’s true; nothing puts to rest a bad case of winter blues better than packing away winter work clothes. So welcome spring today by purchasing one or more of the following fun clothing trends.

With the advent of spring, the earth becomes fresh and new again.  Mimic the process of nature being reborn by adding vibrant pastels to your office wardrobe.  Pinks, purples, yellows, and reds – the  colors that remind one of delicate spring tulips – will perk up any outfit.

In addition, you will want to give orange a try, as varying shades of this oft ignored hue have been featured on many runways as the new “it” color.  You may wish to pair an orange blouse with a creme skirt and nude heels.  A word of caution:   never wear orange head to toe, as you risk looking too much like a pumpkin.

Another way to add a sense of freshness to your office wardrobe is with the addition of lighter weight formal pieces.  For instance, blazer vests have rocketed in popularity this year.  This is because of the fact that they still look dressy and professional, but by being sleeveless, they look more season appropriate.

Wide-leg dungarees are another example of a “light” version of formal office wear.  Contrary to what many think – that one must be six foot tall to wear these pants successfully – wide-legs with high waists look great on most women.  Another plus – the way that these slacks flow when woman walks actually reminds one of springtime breezes!

The fresh trend continues with Agnona’s ready to wear line for spring 2014.  I find one work appropriate outfit by this designer especially enticing:  the belted short-sleeve shirt dress paired with light-weight patterned leggings, socks, and chunky high heels.

Although the combination may sound strange, it looks darling.  And given that the designer fashioned the dress from a wispy creme and green fabric adds to its springtime appeal.

Another dress that would be a glorious addition to a spring work wardrobe is the ivory floral print maxi dress by Windsor.  This high neck sleeveless dress wows just like Agnona’s shirt dress, but it can be purchased at a fraction of the price (approximately $50). Pair it with a cropped jacket, another one of this spring’s hot trends, and dressy heels or flats to make it office appropriate.  Click here to see this darling piece.

I am really ready for spring. I’m sure you are too.  One way to hurry the arrival of this season along – update your work wardrobe now.  By going shopping for the fresh and new trends I’ve outlined above, you will capture a little bit of spring while saying good-bye to a season that has lasted way too long!



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