Three Ways to Tame Fall Chill

by Lori Sciame | September 13th, 2013 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

FashionistaLook towards the positive when temperatures begin to turn crisp.  For instance, in addition to enjoying visits to the apple orchard, a woman can begin to sport chic outerwear to the office.  The choices for fall of 2013 feel fresh.  An added bonus? Several designs will complement a  larger woman’s figure. Even better is that most can be purchased for under $100!  Think ahead.  Buy a few pieces now to be ready when it turns chilly in your area of the country. Read on to learn about three ways to tame fall chill on the way to the office.

Versatile Blazer

Every woman who works in an office should own at least one blazer that doubles as outerwear.  This means that the blazer should fit a little loosely, so that it can be layered over other pieces of clothing. Check out this idea for layering a blazer over a cardigan from Stylish Petite.  Although this outfit sports jeans, a skirt could transform it into one that’s perfect for a fall day at work. Another cute outfit would be black dress pants, paired with solid color blazer over a filmy blouse over a camisole.  Finish the look with a skinny belt under the jacket, but over the blouse!

Dropped Cardigans

This type of sweater works great as a coverup for the petite, as well as the plus size (and every size in between).  The reason is that it has great lines, making it truly forgiving. Dropped cardigans can be worn over blouses, sweaters, and pullovers.  Style & Co has a gorgeous drop sweater available for fall of 2013 in black with faux leather accents.  Available at Macy’s for approximately $50, this piece of clothing will pair with almost anything. A must have for the layered look, it has long sleeves, drapes beautifully in front, and can be washed at home.  Click here to see it.

Short Trench

Another chic option this fall is the short trench coat.  Always classy, always expensive looking, this type of coat works well over dressier clothing.  In the past, trench coats came in only plain colors; today, designers have given them a juicy spin by making them in vivid colors and fantastic fabrics.  In addition, the shorter length gives this item a new silhouette.  Although a bit more costly in stores such as Banana Republic, a savvy shopper can locate versions under the $100 mark if she does her research. Here’s a great example for Michael Kors. For only $90 on Zappos, this single breasted trench coat in fantastic olive would be a valuable addition to any woman’s fall office wardrobe.

Keep warm this fall on your way to the office.  Resist the temptation to wear coats that don’t complement office attire.  For instance, steer clear of zip up sweatshirts and sports team jackets!  This will only ruin your professional look.  Opt for one of the many delightful choices available that will amp your style quotient.  Have a favorite fall jacket?  If yes, describe it in the comment section below.

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