Tips for Choosing Designer Wedding Dresses

by Editorial Team | December 1st, 2016 | Women's Fashion

homecoming dressEven though most brides grow up with an idea of ‘The One’, the search for suitable designer wedding dresses means research could be key.

Essentially, this means that the bride must appreciate which styles of dress would suit their body style and the venue for the marriage.

This will mean having to study magazines and websites aimed at brides and appreciating the terminology such as what silhouettes are and the fabrics being used.

Most designers of wedding dresses will appreciate what the latest trends are and incorporate them into their creations which means the bride should also understand what the current fashion trends are and, more importantly, what they are going to be in future.

These will mean, if the bride is looking at designer wedding dresses many months in advance of her wedding, that she will be very much in tune with the latest designs and fashions.

It’s also important whilst undertaking research about potential designer wedding dress styles that the bride does not fixate on one particular style at the expense of all others and, instead, remains open to trying on a style recommended by a wedding boutique owner or assistant.

That’s because despite their research a bride can appreciate that the wedding dress experts have an opinion that deserves to be heard and they may offer up an idea that does take the bride’s breath away and delivers an impressive designer wedding dress that will make her special day complete.

The next step when looking for designer wedding dresses is to establish a timescale and a way of organising the bride and her small party of friends and family to visit boutiques and whether they want to visit a specialist outlet dedicated to a wedding dress designer, for instance.

This level of organisation should also include the search for suitable accessories and the timescale should also incorporate the potential for having alterations to be made to the dress so everything is finished in good time for the wedding without having the added stress of a designer wedding dress not being ready on time.

The first step is to arrange appointments with bridal boutiques and understanding the types of wedding dress on offer to try on and get feedback from those with the bride. It’s important that the bride does not take a large party because there will be too many opinions for her to appreciate.

Whilst looking at and trying on wedding dresses, the bride-to-be should take note of the dresses she likes and why and, if the boutique owner will allow it, take a photograph of herself in a gown so she can compare it with others.

With this information to hand, all future visits to boutiques offering designer dresses should be easier because the bride will not only appreciate the type and style of dress that suits her body style will also understand what various wedding dress designers are offering and which accessories will suit her dress.

It will help also that many boutiques will sell the accessories a bride will be needing, including jewellery, and this will help provide an overall look for the favourite outfit without having to go to the time and trouble of buying the accessories beforehand.

Finally, the last piece of advice when looking for designer wedding dresses is to take an open mind – this is sound advice because the boutique owner may, for instance, recommended a dress that the bride would never consider but may try it on and be surprised at how much the style suits her body shape.

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