To Shop Or Not To Shop?

by Jaclyn Abergas | April 2nd, 2009 | Shopping Secrets

shopAs part of my Lenten sacrifice, I have decided not to shop for 40 days. Yes, my love for shopping has gotten so bad that I have to force myself not to go inside the stores I love even to browse.

Oh, it’s so hard.

When I started my sacrifice, a friend came into town and needed to buy some tights. So I brought her first to Haight Street where a lot of shops sold tights at cheap prices. Store after store, I found at least ten things that I liked. There were shirts I could give as gifts, wigs, feather boas and hats I could use for this year’s Halloween costume and even little trinkets I could collect. All this I found while my friend found nothing.

So, I brought her to the store where tights are sold in bulk: H&M. Oh man. Every step I took, the only words coming out of my mouth were addressed to my friend: I hate you for bringing me here. Yeah, technically I brought here there but only because she needed something.

Oh man. I had a headache from turning my head in different directions so fast. They had a new collection of clothes, and some of the clothes collection were on sale. Oh wow. I seriously had to stop myself from even looking at the merchandise.

As of now, I still have 11 days to go before I can end this sacrifice. All I really need to do is stop myself from going inside any shops. Yes, I can do this.


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