Top 5 Shopping Tips, Continued

by Jodi Furman | May 19th, 2011 | Shopping Secrets

Tips by FabuLESS Shopping Specialist Jodi Furman

This is the second installment of a two part article.  Click here to read the first installment.

TIP THREE: What about coupons for items you want to buy that aren’t currently (or aren’t ever!) on sale? Don’t you have to clip and sort those? Nope. Stay UNclipped! Simply go to the coupon database at www.livefabuLESS.com to locate EXACTLY where that one coupon that you’re looking for is located. (It will provide either the date/type of insert OR it will provide a link to the printable coupon, just like a matchup would have – fabuLESS!)

TIP FOUR: Start (rationally!) stocking up on items that you use regularly that aren’t perishable, and limit yourself to ONLY buying those items WHEN they are on sale. ONLY buy items that are on sale, period. Start looking at expiration dates, as items last longer than you think, including ALL toiletries and household goods, meat/poultry/seafood (frozen) and even most dairy items don’t expire for months! Rational stockpiling means that you are NOT going to have a room dedicated to your “stockpile.” There is a sales cycle for everything, and items will go on sale over and over and over again; no need to buy a year’s supply of ANYTHING. Simply buy enough that will last until the next time an item is on sale. Use 8-12 weeks as a rule of thumb, but realize that the sales cycle will vary from item to item and store to store and region to region.

TIP FIVE: NEVER buy anything just because it’s at a fabuLESS price. It’s not a bargain if you don’t need it, won’t use it, or aren’t planning to donate it. And, learn to be TOTALLY OK with buying some things for MORE money when it will SAVE you time. Examples include, prepped veggies like sliced mushrooms and bagged salad. Paying FULL price for bananas is FINE (even though they’re $.30/lb cheaper across town!), as your TIME is worth money too! DO NOT RUN TO 18 STORES TO SAVE $.18!  Remember that the only true savings are the ones that you deposit in your bank account, not the ones that you see at the bottom of a receipt. Don’t keep shopping just to see your “savings” increase, simply spend LESS on the items that you normally buy, that’s all.

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