Top Ten Accessory Necessities

by Sam P. | January 21st, 2016 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

black dress (1280x1280)Fashion is a very funny thing, and fads come and go all the time.  But, there are ten accessories I think every female needs, and always will need.  They are all basic, simple things that are the base to many, if not all, outfits.

  1. A black camisole.  If anything, you need a black camisole.  Black is a color that works on every skin tone and works with every outfit.  Camis are also a necessity for any top or dress that may be too low cut or see through.  A black cami is also a very versatile piece, you can use it to help layer your outfits or just wear it under a jacket.
  2. The perfect pair of jeans.  Jeans are the base to almost any outfit.  Even if you only have one pair, you should have a pair of light to medium wash jeans.  Also, if these are your only pair, try to avoid rips as they may come and go and can make an outfit look more rock, and less classic.  Also avoid a “jegging” or ultra skinny jeans, and flares or bootcuts.  A snug, but still straight leg jean will work in any outfit.
  3. A pair of diamond, or cubic zirconium, earring studs.  They can class up any outfit and they work with any outfit.  To keep them from looking gaudy make sure that they are smaller than 1/4 inch, and even that is a bit too large.
  4. A blazer.  Blazers are a simple necessity in your wardrobe.  They can add structure and layering into any outfit.  A simple black blazer will class up any look, and actually pairs perfectly with the three items above.
  5. A silver chain, layering necklace.  Keep it simple and dangly.  No gaudy, large, blingy jewels.  Just a long chain with a few decals that you can wrap around multiple times for a layered chandelier look.  This simple necklace will work with everything and you may even find its the only necklace you need.
  6. An LBD.  The little black dress is flat out a necessity. Without it you are forced to have multiple different dresses for formal occasions.  Where as with a little black dress you can wear it time and time again all in different ways.  Whether you pair it with tights, a jacket and some bling, or a blazer and pumps you are sure to be the star of the show.
  7. Tights! I absolutely love tights.  They keep your legs cozy in the winter and can add colors and patterns to anything.  They look quite chic and feminine all the while your legs shall stay warm.
  8. A pencil skirt.  Every female needs a pencil skirt.  You can wear it to work or out at night.  They hug your curves and look good on every shape and size.  They smooth over the parts you may not like as much, and emphasize the ones you do.
  9. Black pumps.  They work with everything and make your legs look miles longer.  There isn’t much to it except that you need them.
  10. An item that screams you.  It can be anything, a strand of pearls, a cat shirt, even a simple sweater.  Just always remember to make your wardrobe your own.

(Photo courtesy of Scott Snyder)

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