Trends to Love (or Hate)

by Lori Sciame | January 17th, 2013 | Current Trends, Women's Fashion

While perusing London Fashion Week photos, I fell in love with several of the hottest trends from designers.  I also felt a deep loathing for other trends that graced the models on the catwalk.  The good thing about the latest trends?  There seems to be fashions for every type of woman.

Totally Terrible

I decided to begin by describing the trend I am hoping will flop – oversized garments.  Sure, maybe the fabrics scream luxury, but the style screams, “help!”  Given that the average size of an American woman is 12 plus, why would she want to dress in clothes that literally enlarge her form?  Even on models who have waif-like figures, these coats, dresses, and skirts seem to swallow the woman whole.  With the amount of flack that women take for being pleasingly plump, I hope that these designers will wise up soon and rethink this line of billowing sails!

Sexy See Through

Always a romantic, I love the new trend towards filmy garments.  The really special part about these – only sections are see through, which helps to present a coy sexiness.  Instead of letting everything be seen, instead designers help a woman play peek-a-boo with carefully placed panels.  Given the right occasion, any woman can take advantage of this latest trend. Hopefully, women will jump on this fashion bandwagon.

Perilous Patterns

Maybe it’s my age, but some of the patterns that designers pair together make me feel dizzy.  Of course I’m not advocating for being “matchy-matchy,” but I become discombobulated by some of the more outrageous pairings being shown.  In my book, paisley and herringbone don’t belong together.  From what I gather, this trend would suit those avant garde types best.  Needless to say, it’s a trend I’m not going to follow.

Bold Prints

As stated above, some pattern pairings shown for the spring are downright outrageous, but if worn alone, bold prints can be quite vivacious.  Hot colors and saucy shapes on flowing fabrics can make an otherwise boring dress style gorgeous.  Still hot is color blocking, which takes prints to the geometric sphere.  Some designers even showcased color-blocked pants in black and white.  When winter finally winds down, who wouldn’t want to jump on this trend to add some warmth to her wardrobe?

Embellished Beauties

In seasons past, designers discreetly embellished shoes and tops with beads and faux jewels.  This spring look for a dramatic increase in the amount of embellishment on clothing, including dresses, tops, jackets, and even skirts.  The beading and baubles literally take over many clothing pieces. This trend makes my practical side wonder how we will all wash our embellished clothing, but my trendy side says, “I love it!”

Something for Everyone to Love

It’s true that some of the newest trends in clothing rubbed me the wrong way; however, a woman with a different personality may find these trends to die for.  I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating – trends today vary so much that there is something for every woman to love.

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