Trendy Men’s Accessories: 2013

by Mackenzie M. | December 13th, 2012 | Men's Shopping

A few weeks ago I highlighted the color of men’s fashion for the 2012-2013 winter season: blue-black. Paired with tweed pants and comfortable, neutral sweaters, these round out the trinity of the winter 2012-2013 fashion trends; however, another important aspect of this season are all of the accessories that the stylish man can easily pair with the tweeds and cashmere of the season. Bold colored accessories are in this season, so be sure to stock up on all of the latest colorful plaids, electric colors, and pastel scarves. The theme of the 2012-2013 winter season seems to be classy and contrasting. Below are some highlighted accessories that every man can find this year, even while on a tight budget.

Scarves. Whether for function in cold climates, or as a stylish accent in warmer areas, scarves are bigger than ever this winter. Outside of basic comfort and function, guys need to also pay attention to color when choosing a scarf to buy. Coffee browns, neutral tans, burnt sienna, and the ever-present blue-black make up the color palette for anchor items like shirts, pants, and coats. The old stand bys can easily be transformed into a fantastic outfit with the addition of a scarf that adds a pop of color. A muted orange or a deep red wine add a necessary burst of color, but also keep the look distinctively masculine.

Ties. A tie at  work does not necessarily have to be drab, especially this winter. Similar to scarves, try pairing a colorful tie with a basic colored shirt. While this can be a great addition to spice up a work outfit, a colorful tie can also be worn in a casual setting. Many fashion writers recommend pairing a bold, colorful tie with plaid button-downs this season, but I think a bold tie paired with a muted shirt will have a similar effect. A colorful tie looks both classy and sensible in most circumstances. Ties can be quite expensive, but retailers like H&M offer them for reasonable prices. For a pop of color even in a formal setting, pick up a colorful tie today.

Pocket Squares. While pocket squares are often overlooked in accessory sections, they can be a classy and colorful addition to formal outfits. Although they have fallen out of popularity within the last decade, fashion designers have been harkening back to the styles of the 1940’s for this season’s accessory trends, leading to the resurrection of the ever-stylish pocket square. A deep red wine or rich blue pocket square can be paired with many outfits. This is sure to impress in the workplace and look great in a casual setting. Try it out this season!

Overall, the 2012-2013 winter fashion season is defined by neutral colors paired with pops of color. Scarves, ties, pocket squares, and even socks are great accessories to experiment with colors. Have some fun, try new colors, and look great this winter!

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