Trendy Shoes Treacherous or Tantalizing?

by Lori Sciame | October 17th, 2012 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

A recent news story circulating on the Internet featured a pair of women’s shoes that seemed impossible to walk in.  They stood at least two feet tall, and the model’s feet had to be contorted to fit their odd shape.  Silly. That’s the word that best describes this newest trend – shoes so outrageous that they seem joke worthy.

Fashion conscious women dream of ultra chic shoes to match the latest in clothing trends, but have designers gone too far with some of the crazy styles they have promoted lately?  I think the answer is yes.

How can a woman tell if the shoes she might want to buy can be described as treacherous or tantalizing?


1.  Designer shoes can be classified as treacherous if they prove impossible to walk in.  Think of some of Lady Gaga’s crazy shoes, and how she had to shuffle across the floor in them to avoid falling.  Follow this rule: If you can’t walk with grace, do not  buy the shoes.

2.  Designer shoes that look like animals are definitely treacherous.  I’ve seen shoes that look like fish, elephants, and birds.  Take this advice to heart: Even if you love cats, don’t wear shoes patterned to resemble felines.

3.   Designer shoes missing heels or soles – downright treacherous!  I’ve seen half shoes – those missing supports for either the toes or the back of the foot.  Seriously?  Do designers think that fashionistas want to step in gum (or something worse) on the sidewalk?

4.  Designer shoes made to hurt other people take the prize as being the most treacherous.  I’ve seen designer shoes with spikes and nails pointing outward.  Instead of looking chic and daring, these shoes make a woman look downright psychotic.


1.  Designer shoes that showcase a high thin heel qualify as tantalizing.  When a woman wears high heels, she elongates the leg and increases her sexiness.  Just as long as she can walk with grace, the higher the heel, the longer the leg.  Nice!

2.  Designer shoes that feature unique fabrics and/or colors can be described as tantalizing.  Now that fashion does not have to be matchy-matchy, adding fun colors and fabrics to the overall look of an outfit adds interest and appeal.

3.  Designer shoes taking advantage of platforms and/or wedges give a fresh look to any ensemble.  If they are not two feet tall, these height boosters are viewed by many as tantalizing.

4.  Designers shoes with embellishments, such as faux diamonds, sequins, and beads amp up the sophistication of any dressy outfit.  Take advantage of shoes with details to tantalize the opposite sex.

Many designer shoes on the market today are not wearable.  I am not suggesting that I want earth shoes to return, but women should not  have to walk like a klutz or actually injure her foot to be in style.  When deciding whether to invest in a pair of designer shoes to add to your collection, keep in mind the rules outlined above to determine if the pair is either treacherous or tantalizing.

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