Turn an Old Cami Into a Bandeau and Headband

by Sam P. | August 15th, 2014 | Accessories, DIY

bandeau and diy headbandA few years ago I wore camis under literally everything.  Now I never wear them.  They never fit quite right and always bunch up around your middle so they are impossible to wear under fitted shirts.  I have a closet full of camis, and I have finally found a use for them.  The point of a cami is to have something to cover up yourself under sheer shirts or ones with deep necklines.  As we have gotten older sheer shirts are attractive, but we still want to cover our bras and cover our chests from plunging necklines.  A bandeau does this perfectly.

You will need one old cami with a built in bra and a pair of scissors.  I use sharp nail scissors because they are small and can get right up next to seams, but any pair of scissors will do.

To start, find the seam right at the top that connects the built in bra to the outer layer of the cami.  Cut along the outside of that seam so you are cutting the outer layer off the built in bra.  This way the built in bra will be left with the nice clean edge and the straps of the cami.  Most camis have a slight fold along this seam or lace sewn over it.  Cut right up along this fold up right up against the lace.  Most camis with lace actually have the lace hang down slightly over the seam so, if you can, cut slightly underneath the lace so you are directly at the seam.  Whatever you do, don’t accidentally cut the built in bra or the seam.  Also, try your best to leave the outer layer of the cami intact.  Once the two are unattached the built in bra is your new bandeau.

Instead of wasting the outer layer of the cami, I like to reuse the fabric and make a headband.  Cut out two sections of the cami going horizontally.  You should get two cross sections of the cami, or two large cloth circles.  I like to cut mine in about two to three inches thickness.  Now take the two cloth bands and cut one of the seams off.  This should leave you with two strips of fabric. Lay them down into a t shape so one is crossing over the other.  Take the strip on the bottom and connect both ends and do the same to the other strip.  Make sure you are left with the two strips being intertwined together.  It should be as if the could not disconnect if the ends were sewn back shut.  If you like you can sew the ends together, but I don’t find it necessary.  To wear it as a headband place the middle section where the two strips are connected at the top of your head and then tie the ends together underneath.  Once it is tied at the correct size for your head you can slide it on and off easily.

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