UNIQLO Summer Innovations

by Mackenzie M. | June 26th, 2013 | Men's Shopping

uniDuring the hot and humid summer weather, even the lightest clothing can be uncomfortable. Most of the men’s fashion articles that I write highlight different styles to be aware of and different trends to abide. While I am normally not a proponent of wearing athletic gear as an everyday outfit, on the hottest days of summer, it becomes acceptable. This year, Japanese fast fashion retailer UNIQLO debuted a surprisingly fashionable and amazingly functional line of comfortable clothes for the summer. These innovative clothes utilize high-tech fabrics that were specifically created to combat Japan’s oppressive summer weather. More and more American guys are experiencing the wonders of UNIQLO’s summer fashions.

Many know UNIQLO as the Japanese version of H&M. The retailer offers the latest Japanese and European fashions at unbelievably low prices. For example, expensive looking sweaters may only cost $20, and jeans may only max out at $30. UNIQLO is also renowned for the high quality of its clothes. The company invests heavily in designing clothes and alternative fabrics that look fashionable, but also mesh with the weather. For example, their new line of summer clothes is designed to make guys look great, but also to allow skin to breathe during hot and humid summer weather. Several of my male freidns attest to the comfort and effectiveness of UNIQLO’s men’s summer clothing line, specifically the AIRism series.

UNIQLO’s website introduces the AIRism line as “comfort unlimited.” Endorsed by professional tennis players and fashion designers alike, the AIRism line is all about comfort. For only $13, men can purchase undershirts that lightly fit the body shape perfectly. The shirt actually wicks moisture from the body and wicks away the perspiration. The fabric even features anti-odor technologies. The fabric is specifically treated to minimize the smell of body odors. The AIRism shirts act almost as a second skin during the summer months to protect from high humidity and the inevitable perspiration.

UNIQLO also carries several types of shorts. The twill relaxed shorts sell for a mind blowing $13 and come in a dozen colors. The fabric is specifically designed to wick away moisture and to allow some of the warm summer breezes to pass through for added ventilation. Pair these with one of UNIQLO’s $20 polo shirts, and you will have a stylish outfit that will not only be hyper-functional, but is also stylish. This also applies to UNIQLO’s underwear and athletic wear, some of which is even antibacterial to reduce body odor and prevent skin irritations.

UNIQLO offers many trendy and reasonably priced summer clothes for young men. Simply browse one of their new stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York City. Otherwise, visit uniqlo.com to find the latest in UNIQLO’s amazing summer line for men. UNIQLO is the perfect place for the man on a budget to find innovative and stylish summer clothes.

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