Unique Gifts For Your Mother

by Anna P. | April 21st, 2009 | Women's Fashion

picWith Mother’s Day coming next month, we suddenly start panicking about finding the perfect gift for our mothers. Flowers are nice, but they don’t last. Spa getaways are bit pricey right now. And we just don’t feel like buying cheap perfume gift sets. So, what other options do we have? Why not check out Etsy.com,  a large shopping portal that is similar to eBay, only they specialize in homemade crafts, vintage items, and craft supplies. You can find many wonderful gift ideas here, including ethereal jewelry, beautiful home décor items, such as pottery and glass, stationary, unique accessories, and so much more.

This website reminds me of a large craft bazaar-only much larger. You will not only find a great gift for mom, you will probably be tempted to buy yourself something (or two). Etsy’s shop keepers also keep the prices very reasonable, which only adds to the appeal. You could spend hours here searching in what may seem a bit of a hodge-podge of  an art gallery.

Etsy is not only fun to browse, it is also easy to navigate to find exactly what you’re looking for. Once you’re on the homepage, look to your left, and you will see the list of categories which list the types of products. Click on one type of item (such as accessories), and you’ll find yet another list on your left of the subcategories. You also can search for specific items by typing in keywords in the search bar above.  If you need some great ideas on where to start, you c.an browse Etsy’s Gift Guides and Editor’s Picks.

You must register for free on Etsy to buy and access special features, set up your own shop, and participate in the community. What is really great about Etsy, though, is that you can buy really unique and quality handmade items. This is not only a great place to find eco-conscious gifts and items. It’s also an easy way to support small business and thus stimulate the economy.

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