Unique Home Shops: Seattle, WA

by Jaclyn Abergas | September 26th, 2011 | Home Shopping

Here’s a rundown of home shops in Seattle to go to for competitive prices and customized designs. What’s on your list of favorite Seattle home shops?

Seattle Home Company

Seattle Home Company opened in 2008, selling consigned and used furniture. They used to have a big showroom on 1st and Madison, but they had to close it in spring this year because of economic reasons. But the good news is, they haven’t totally closed yet; you can order from their website, and, without overhead costs, they’ve slashed their prices! If you need a new bed, a new dining table, more storage for your knick-knacks, or just a really comfortable desk chair, head to their website to check their selections. You can either pick it up at their warehouse, or you can have it delivered to your address.


The REStore

REStore is an environmentally-responsible store that sells affordable building materials from repurposed and recycled materials from Washington state. They stock inexpensive and unique items, including cabinets, doors, windows, tub fixtures, and sinks, among others. They are vigilant in promoting a green, sustainable culture, and they make sure sure everything and everyone, from the employees to the customers, are exposed (and eventually practice) to sustainable and green living options.

http://www.re-store.org/; 1440 NW 52nd St, Seattle, WA; Tel. (206)297-9119

Retrofit Home

Retrofit Home is the brainchild of Jon Milazzo and Lori Pomeranz, friends/business partners/artists/decorative painters/concrete floor finishers/color consultants/designers. They’ve been working together for 18 years, but they only opened Retrofit Home 5 years ago. And unlike other furniture stores, they sell custom-designed sofas. Simply bring a photo of your place, and they will sit down with you and design something just for you. They can design and customize any sofa from a regular one to a chaise lounge to a daybed, a sectional sofa, and sleeper sofas, in different colors and fabrics. So if you’ve been searching high and low for that perfect sofa, but you can’t find it anywhere, a trip to Retrofit Home might just be the answer.

http://www.retrofithome.com/; 1103 East Pike St. Seattle, WA; Tel. (206)568-4663

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