Valentine’s Day Accessories

by Lori Sciame | January 17th, 2014 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

heart necklace (464x464)Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day?  Flowers, candy, and plenty of romance!  Even if a woman is not in a serious relationship on this special day, the feeling of love in the air puts everyone in a good mood.  It is great to be in love; however, it is also wonderful to anticipate future love.  So, no matter if you  have been married for forty years, or if you haven’t yet experienced your first true love, you deserve to look your best on Valentine’s Day…and to celebrate!  Start looking now for the perfect accessories, ones that will showcase your best assets.

Princess (or Queen) for a Day

What better way to celebrate love than with a sparkling tiara?  Perched atop shiny tresses, a tiara will give you the look of true royalty. Charming Charlie, an accessories giant, offers several styles to choose from.  I adore their Audrey tiara for $10.00.  Its rows of shimmering rhinestones remind me of the roaring 1920’s.  Click on this link to view this darling tiara.  You will surely be noticed wearing one of these beauties!

Shimmering Powders 

If you have velvety skin, showcase it with a  dash of sparkle.  Charming Charlie offers Silver Shimmer Dusting Powder for only $15.00.  As described on their website, “…this luminous powder that provides a glistening finish.”  Imagine your significant other’s delight when he or she realizes your skin literally glows in the firelight.  Follow this link to read more about this fantastic shimmer powder.  You might like the gold or pink versions better!

Lace Covered Legs

Valentine’s Day allows for a little sexiness, so you may wish to accessorize your shapely legs with lace.  Whether you wish to wear lacy tights or leggings, there are literally dozens of styles to choose from.  World of Leggings has three super cute styles to pick from, ranging in price from $22.00 – $38.00.  You can literally play peek-a-boo with your lover with these slightly naughty leggings.  Want to see what I mean?  Click here.

An Open Heart

Never underestimate the value of a well-placed necklace.  Whether you want to highlight a graceful neck or an ample bust line, choose the length of your necklace accordingly.  And remember, a heart shaped necklace on this day of love will be the perfect choice.

Since the heart symbolizes love, I guarantee it will be the perfect necklace to accessorize your outfit. From romantic, to sexy, to playful, designers have versions to suit every taste.  This link will take you to Forever 21, where you will see necklaces available for a steal!

You Deserve to be Noticed

Many women I talk to lament that they don’t have an “asset” worth showing off; however, each lady, no matter her size or age, has something unique about her.  Maybe it’s insanely long eye lashes or an infectious smile or even delicate wrists.  Think about your special attribute, so that on Valentine’s Day you can accessorize it with flair.

Celebrate this day of love by loving you just as you are, as loving yourself provides the best accessory of all – confidence.


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