Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

by Michele | February 7th, 2008 | Women's Fashion

With only 7 days until the holiday of love, many people are wondering what to give that special someone. Of course, your special someone doesn’t have to be a romantic partner. You might want to purchase a present for a close friend or a child.

While any gift that you give should be accepted graciously, more original and thoughtful gifts make for happier recipients. Yes, candy, flowers, and jewelry are fine, but they are commonly given items. Your gift should be memorable, especially if this is your first Valentine’s Day with a significant other. Note that the gift should be memorable due to its thoughtfulness, not due to bad taste (such as the runner’s vest I once received).

To help start your shopping, I have some suggestions based on the person for whom you are buying.

For your significant other: a personalized collection of favorite songs either loaded onto his/her mp3 or made into a cd, breakfast in bed, a picnic lunch delivered at work, a book of poetry with your own poem as the inscription, or to make shopping easier buy wine online.

For a child: a heart-themed t-shirt or pair of socks, a framed family photo, a card that arrives via mail.

For a friend: pedicures for 2, a handwritten gift certificate for an afternoon of coffee and conversation, a homemade dinner delivered to his/her door.

To avoid being the person placing an order for overpriced roses on February 14th, get your shopping started now!

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