Vests Continue to be Hot Trend

by Lori Sciame | February 14th, 2013 | Current Trends, Women's Fashion

For several seasons, the vest has been a woman’s wardrobe staple. This piece of clothing shows no sign of going away any time soon, and different version continue to debut regularly. Suitable for any age, the vest can flatter almost any figure. It also allows any woman to be trendy without any risk of looking foolish. Learn more about how to capitalize on this trend by reading the following post.

Flowing Styles

A woman without a stick thin figure will love the flowing versions of vests available on the market.  Because the fabric drapes in the front, near the waist, this style of vest can hide specific problem areas.  Wear this type over a long sleeve turtle neck with a statement necklace for a dash of pizazz.

Nubby Versions

In contrast to the thin, flowing style of vest, designers have come up with a thick, nubby version.  These vests feature coarse yarn, and they look like they would be cozy and warm to wear.  I have seen tan versions worn over a black shirt and leggings.  Although it might seem as if this look would visually weigh a person down, it actually looks quite chic.  Add a chunky gold bracelet, and this outfit is youthful as well.

Faux Fur Vests

Seventeen Magazine recently featured a faux fur vest as one of the hottest fashion items of the season.  Worm over a thin white shirt, and paired with skinny jeans and boots, this vest looks both fun and functional (warm).  Although I haven’t seen many women over 50 in my area of the country wearing these vests, I am sure the trend could work on a more mature woman in the right circumstances, and with the right trousers. Basically, be careful of pairing too many trendy items together in one outfit.

Denim Vests

Rihanna helped to make the denim vest popular again when she donned a acid washed version and paired it with a tummy baring top and white skinny jeans.   Popular in the 1970’s and 80’s blue jean vests have went through several incarnations, and today’s version continues to be hot.  Stores such as Macy’s offers this trendy style for BOTH men and women.  Pulling off a denim vest may take a little more self confidence, but if a woman loves this trend, she should go for it!

Cropped Vests

Cropped vests give off a dressier vibe.  Reminiscent of men’s vests, this version looks awesome when paired with a crisp, white shirt and patterned dress slacks.  This trend works especially well at work.  One problem with this type of vest – women with large busts may have trouble finding one that fits correctly.  In addition, stay away from cropped vests if you are a large around the mid section.

InVEST in this Trend

Vests are a trendy items that can turn a ho hum outfit into something special.  They also come in a variety of styles to suit almost any body shape.  Try out one today to find out why so many women, young and old, love the versatile vest.

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