Vintage Owl Necklace

by Donella Crigger | October 7th, 2013 | Bargains of the Week

jewely boxFor several years now, fashion accessories tended toward whimsical vintage. The owl has made a comeback in a big way, first making its reappearance around 2006. It has been around ever since, and you’ll find many owl accessories in popular stores like Macy’s, Claire’s and Forever 21. Prices vary, but we’ve found one that’s a steal.

An Owl Necklace at a Bargain Price

If a piece from Macy’s isn’t in your future, try our Bargain of the Week: a vintage owl necklace from Amazon for only $1.50 with free shipping. It ships from China, so it will take about three or four weeks to get to you, but friends have raved about this piece. It comes on a long 25″ chain, making the entire piece about 27″ with the pendant. It’s a large piece and the vintage gold color makes it perfect for pairing with sweaters and cardigans this fall.

Owl With an Eye for Detail

The detail on this bargain piece is incredible. Each segment of the owl features detailed lines and designs. The eyes are especially beautiful and are made out of synthetic black Austrian crystal. The owl is large enough that it draws the eye, but not so large that it distracts you during every day wear. The metal material is a mixed alloy, so those sensitive to accessories that are not made of real gold or silver may have some trouble wearing this piece.

Tweaks and Fixes

According to customer reviews, the chain is lightweight and may need some adjustments when it arrives. Customers have reported adding clasps, adjusting the length and a few other tweaks. Most of the complaints revolve around the chain, which is reported to not be as sturdy as the owl pendant. You may want to consider getting your own chain, but it would also look great on a long black silk cord.

Great Gift Idea

This necklace would make a great gift, so get one for yourself and a few extras for friends. At $1.50, why not? Order soon if you plan to give them as Christmas gifts because shipping will take even longer than 3-4 weeks once the holiday season is in full swing.

 (Photo courtesy of Adrian van Leen)

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