Vow Renewals: Make It Better Than The First!

by Editorial Team | December 24th, 2015 | Women's Fashion

couple-260899_960_720When it comes the time for your big day – for the second time round – there are many factors to be considered! Chances are, you have a great reason for renewing your vows, and the reasons for doing so vary tremendously, making it even more important to ‘get it right’! Don’t let the potential stress of such a big event put a damper on your experience, and the best way to avoid this, is to plan, plan, plan! Keep reading and make sure you make your vow renewals the best they can be!

1. Time Is Of The Essence!

While this may go without saying, the timing for when you choose to conduct your wedding vow renewals is incredibly important; after all, it has to represent some form of significant event! Perhaps it’s your 5 or 10 year anniversary, or perhaps you just came out of a hard spot with your partner, or maybe it’s a reason as simple as you couldn’t afford the ceremony of your dreams the first time, but whichever the case, make sure the timing is meaningful for you both!

2. All About The Ring!

Chances are, for your vow renewals, yourself and partner will be better off financially than when you first tied the knot, giving you a more open budget to make this event as spectacular as possible! You’ve likely come a long way with your spouse; many good and testing times, both of you evolving as people, and so on. For a marriage which grows with the both of you, it’s highly recommended to choose a new ring which represents that – like a bespoke set of wedding rings, designed by the couple, for the couple (with help, of course!).

3. Money Talks!

While it’s more than fun to plan such a joyous and big occasion, yourself and spouse should be smart from the beginning, not getting overwhelmed by the happy madness! At the end of the day, most couples need to maintain a budget in order to keep their plans realistic, so make sure you come up with a fair number range – and stick to it! Nothing can ruin a marriage as fast as drowning in debt!

4. Dress For The Occasion!

Whether you decide to relive the original fashion statement and wear the same gown and suit which you wore on your original big day, or if you want to go for something completely different, make sure your outfits are personal to you both as a couple! Perhaps you want to keep it casual, or wear you favorite sports team jerseys – who knows! The ideas are endless, just make sure there is a special representation to you and yours!

5. Time To Party!

Now, for the most fun part of it all – the party! No wedding or vow renewal is the same without the charm of having all of your friends and family together, to celebrate your life together, anticipating many more happy years to come! Once you’ve sorted out all of the above (the budget, timing, outfits and rings!), it’s time to put the rest of that energy into party planning, guaranteeing a celebration to be remembered! Keep the champagne flowing, and surely, you can’t go wrong!

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