Wardrobe Emergency Kit

by Anna P. | January 19th, 2012 | Women's Fashion

Have you ever wondered how so many female celebrities manage to always look terrific no matter where they go? It’s probably because they hire a professional stylist to help them choose outfits and accessories that flatter. A good stylist will also offer tips and tricks to help their clients look their best. While most of us can’t afford to hire a stylist, we can afford a few of the same accessories and products they use. Here are a few things to add in your fashion emergency kit.

1-An Extra Pair of Shoes

Sometimes bad things happen to our favorite shoes, and sometimes these things happen when you’re wearing them. Make sure you’re prepared for anything by keeping a pair of Dr. Scholl’s for Her Fast Flats ($9.99 at Drugstore.com) inside your purse or small handbag. These handy shoes are super portable, and they come in the simplest styles to ensure that they never look out of place. Fast flats are also a choice option for when you want to wear your favorite heels but don’t want to dance in them.

2- Hollywood Fashion Secrets

If you have a favorite blouse, camisole, or dress that you don’t like to wear too often because you think it’s too low or you’re not comfortable wearing it without a bra, fashion tape is the answer. Hollywood Fashion Secrets is a boon for Hollywood starlets and their stylists who want to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. You can see this product and other fashion-protecting products on their official website.

3- Bra Extenders

If the back of your bra doesn’t quite fit the way it used to, and you’re having a hard time connecting the hooks together, a bra extender will make it easier and more comfortable to wear your bra again. You can purchase extenders or other bra accessories at Fashion Essentials.

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