Was That Really a Deal?

by Joe Lawrence | January 14th, 2010 | Money Saving Hints

Everyday we are bombarded with sales and offers to save money.  When we go to the grocery store the friendly managers are pointing us to the sales.  The moment you walk into a clothing store, the workers are spouting out information about the latest sale.  Are they really saving you money or just playing a mean psychological game?

I am not a shopper.  I do not enjoy spending time inside of stores because I am an impulse buyer.  I want everything.  Do not let me loose in a grocery store because I will fill a cart in no time.  However, I like being able to pay the electric bill even more than giving into an impulse.  So, I am very methodical now.

Before I leave the home, I have a list (usually mental) of exactly what I am going to buy.  When I am there, I seek and destroy.  If I am buying jeans, I will look for the pair I want and not the one on sale.  My wife is baffled at this strategy because my clothes cost more than hers.  I get the brand and style I want and then hang onto them.

This works for me, and I actually spend much less money over the year, AND I never complain of having nothing to wear.  Contrast that to the old me.  I would go to the store and pick out some jeans.  While I am doing that, the sales girl lets me know about buy two shirts and get one free sale.  I check it out.  I only like one shirt but it is a waste to pass up this deal.  I spend an extra $70 for three shirts I didn’t need and the one I liked would have been $35.

My wife always is telling me similar stories as she unveils her killing after shopping.  As she is hanging clothes, which will never leave the hanger, I try to explain she really didn’t save money.  When you spend $100 more for something you didn’t set out to get, that’s a loss.

Go with a list or live in the dark.

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