Wearing Bright and Bold Color

by Anna P. | June 20th, 2013 | Current Trends, Women's Fashion

bohemianThis summer, bold color has come back with a bang! It’s all about eye catching hues like blue, orange, red, yellow, or green. It’s all about stylish pieces in colors that make a big impact. Whether or not you’re into bold hues, there is no doubt that colorful clothes leave a positive impact on your attitude and style. All it takes is a single garment or accessory to transform your look into something even brighter. Read on for style tips to help you dress better in vibrant hues this summer.

1- Wear a Fun Print

The best way to wear bold color is to wear a print. It doesn’t really matter what the print is (floral, graphic, stripes, dots) as long as the garment is flattering. Stylish options include dresses, tops, tunics, and even jeans. For the most stylish impact, look for pieces with multi-color print. Once you found your perfect piece, you should balance it with other pieces in darker or lighter solid hues. Think a pink/multi-color floral print camisole, and pair it with light blue skinny jeans and a dark fitted blazer. The jeans and the blazer balance it out with simplicity. Add a pair of metallic stilettos and a small leather handbag to complete the look.

2- Think Day-Glo

You don’t have to be a brave soul to wear day-glow colors. Simply opt for one piece like a tee shirt or a pair of skinny jeans in a really bright hue such as lime green or sunny yellow. Then choose a mix of fun pieces in more muted shades. A grey sweater looks amazing with a brightly colored tee shirt or tank. You could also try wearing a white or cream colored camisole with lace detailing with a pair of bright leggings or a bold colored bandage skirt. Complete the look with laid back accessories like brown sandals or black pumps.

3- Don’t Forget Bold Accessories

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of wearing bright garments, you may want to consider bold accessories instead. This look is a bit more flexible and offers more options. Try layering colorful plastic bangles or break apart an all-black ensemble with a bold colored belt. Just try to find ways to mix it up, and don’t be afraid to mix up different colors for a more interesting look.

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