What Helps You Decide Which Site to Use for Shopping Online?

by Gumer Liston | February 26th, 2009 | Money Saving Hints

shoppingMore and more people are now opting for online shopping over going to crowded stores and malls. A global survey conducted by The Nielsen Company recently revealed that 85% of Internet users are into purchasing items online, and more than half of the online population shops regularly through the Internet. The survey also revealed that the number of online shoppers has increased 40% within the last two years. What is causing this phenomenon?  The Internet has become an important part of our daily lives.  The Internet has ceased to be just a niche technology and has evolved into a powerful mass media that can provide incomparable convenience when it comes to researching and buying products.

There are many factors that influence the online store choice of Internet users, but trust and word of mouth seem to be the strongest factors that help users decide which site to use when they shop online. According to Nielsen, 60% of online shoppers tend to go back to the same site where they previously had a positive shopping experience. Online shoppers are uniquely loyal, and online stores know this. That is why they are building their reputations so that they will capture the millions of new online shoppers as they make their first online purchase.  Online stores are banking on the consumer’s loyalty. As online stores strive to build good reputations, online shopping becomes more and more attractive to more consumers.

The use of search engines and general surfing also play an important role in selecting sites from which to shop. Personal recommendations or word of mouth is also a strong influence in the decision making on the part of the shoppers. It is not surprising to see that in the Nielsen survey, TV and print advertising came out as weak factors here,  and online recommendations and reviews come out stronger.

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