What Should I Wear to Work?

by Lori Sciame | March 27th, 2013 | Office Wear

blazerIf you are just about to enter the workforce, then knowing what to wear in an office setting may seem confusing. What is too casual? What accessories are useful?  How many pairs of shoes do I need? How much will an office wardrobe cost?  There are many things to consider when shopping for work attire the first time.  Don’t panic.  Read my post, and I’ll give you some great tips.

Basics to Mix and Match

When devising a work wardrobe, start with a few basics.  Buy at least three pair of dress slacks in navy, black, and brown.  Make sure these pants fit well, and that the quality is good.  These pants will be the basis of your beginning work wardrobe, so you will wear them quite a bit.  In addition to slacks, also purchase at least one blazer in black, and one crisp, white blouse.  Again, spend a little more money on these pieces, as you will wear them a lot.

Add a Dash of Color

Once the basics have been purchased, you will need to invest in a few tops.  Shells of different colors work well worn under the blazer.  The key is to remember that what you buy should look good with the pants you purchased already.

Accent with Scarves and Jewelry

Once you have several pant and top combinations, you can begin thinking about how you can achieve different looks by adding scarves and necklaces.  Even the simple addition of a colorful scarf can make an outfit appear totally different, especially when wearing the white blouse. Get creative! Also, there’s no need to spend a lot of cash on expensive scarves and jewelry.  Stores such as Charming Charlies offer tons of choices for decent prices.

Get Kicky with Shoes

Shoes can make or break a work outfit.  For example, flip flops are never acceptable.  Opt for cute flats and basic heels instead.  Once you have established your basic work wardrobe, you can expand your footwear collection, but at first just make sure to wear demure styles.

Organization Tips

There are two basic ways to organize your new work clothes.  The first way entails grouping clothing pieces by color.  For instance, all pink with pinks, and so forth.   The other way to organize your closet is by clothing type.  Group all slacks together, all shells together, and so on.  If you take the time to organize your closet, getting dressed for work in the mornings will be that much easier.

Read Your Office Dress Code

If you have further questions about what your particular office allows in regards to clothing and shoes, you may refer to their dress code.  Many offices have policies that outline things such as casual Fridays and the like; however, some codes are unspoken.  It is wise to ask before you wear something you think might be questionable!

As you can see, building a work wardrobe will take time; start small with a few quality pieces, and you will be fine!


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