What to Wear to the Beach

by Sam P. | July 7th, 2016 | Sam's Suggestions

girl beach (400x400)Now that we are in the full swing of summer, beach trips are a must.  But, what do you wear?  Typically you have to wear a shirt and shorts over your suit if you don’t want to go buy a cover up, but it is much easier than that.  Of course, jean shorts and a simple tank always work, but if you want something lighter, it is time to DIY.

Old sundresses.  They work the same way as the cover up you would spend $20 on at the mall, except you don’t have to pay for them.  They are light and flowy so they will keep you cool while protecting you from the sun.

Shortalls.  They are exactly like overalls, except they’re shorts.  They cover you up while still staying cute and comfy.  Throw them on over your bathing suit and you’re good to go.

An old dress shirt.  If you have a father, brother, or even boyfriend who is substantially larger than you, ask if you can borrow an old dress shirt of theirs.  Button it up and belt it at the waist and you are all set.  It blocks you from the sun while not being too over-bearing in the heat.

If you have any fashion questions you need help with leave them in the comments below!

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