What to Wear When You Meet the Parents

by Sam P. | September 3rd, 2013 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

heartYoung love is such a cute thing.  It’s funny how swept off their feet some girls get, thinking life can’t get any better than in that moment when he asks you to meet his parents. And yes, I may be guilty of being one of those girls who spends practically every waking minute with her new beau, but I kept my head about me when he asked me to meet his mom.  I met his dad immediately.  I mean I had to, I went over his house.  But his mom lives a few hours away and he rarely even sees her.  And when he finally asked me if I would meet her, well, I got a little nervous.

Clearly the first thing going through my mind is what on Earth am I going to wear.  We were going to some outlets to meet her and then going out to lunch.  One would say to just wear what you would wear going out with friends, but, I’ll admit it, I have some VERY short shorts that just would not be appropriate in this situation.  Plus up north where I am, its starting to get a little chilly.  And we were going even farther north to meet up with her! (It’s only an hour or so farther up, but up here it makes a difference.)

I very quickly decided upon jeans. Unfortunately, if it’s hot out you can’t shorten your pants on the go.  Unless you roll them, but that gets uncomfortable after a while.  With this in mind I knew I had to choose a top that was much lighter, even better something that I could take off.  Sweatshirts are too heavy and same goes for sweaters.  It had to be something with classic structure and a fashionable print.  I decided upon a thin plaid button down.  This way I could wear it with a tank top underneath in case I got hot.

Now if you look at my story above of how to pick the perfect parent meeting outfit, you will notice a few key rules I was constantly referring to.

  1. Nothing revealing.  If you want his parents to like you, they must think you’re a respectable girl.  The way to do this is wear jeans that aren’t too skinny, or shorts too short. Same with shirts, keep the skin baring outfits away.  i.e. Wear a tank top instead of a cami under button downs and other shirts.
  2. Layers. If you live somewhere where the weather changes faster than Usain Bolt, layers were made for you. If it gets hot, you can just peel one off and if it gets cold again put it back on.
  3. Don’t under or over dress.  By this I mean if you’re going out to lunch at your typical chain restaurant, don’t wear sweatpants, but don’t wear your prom dress either.  A simple outfit of shorts and a tee shirt is just fine.  If you really want, a BASIC summer dress or sweater dress (if it’s cold) will suffice.  Try to steer away from heels.  They dress up every outfit and can tend to slow people down.

The best way to do this is just to keep your head about you and think rationally.  Good luck, and remember to have fun.

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