What’s Hot For Fall

by Anna P. | July 20th, 2010 | Fashion, Women's Fashion

In a about two to three months we will slowly transition our wardrobes from summer to fall and whether you’re ready or not, next month most stores will start selling clothes and accessories for autumn. To help you stay ahead of the fashion curve, lets take a look at current fall trends you’ve gotta shop for!


People are mad are about plaid right now and if you haven’t joined the plaid bandwagon, you should join now.  Think pretty plaid blouses in rich hues like deep mustard or red. A plaid peacoat is another stylish option.


This is a trickier trend as many people want to reserve velvet for nighttime glamour, but you can work this trend into your day wardrobe by selecting a velvet piece that you’d wear everyday. Try a velvet skirt or jacket.

Retro Glam

Good news for those who love to dress up, elegance is back! And this time its glamour inspired from the 1950s. Think classic dresses with a body-conscious fit, colored prints, and a-line skirts.

Lots Of Layers

As the days get colder its only natural that fashion mandates we bundle up.  That doesn’t mean we just throw on layers of sweaters and call it a day, this means we most carefully layer up with piece that flatter our figures all while maintaining a look that is contemporary.  Start with a basic camisole and layer a trendy cardigan sweater over it, finish the look with an a-line mini skirt, textured leggings, and embellished ballet flats.

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