What’s New in Home Scents?

by Lori Sciame | March 24th, 2011 | Home Shopping

Apple pie… vanilla… fresh linen. Pleasing scents help make a house a home. It’s a fact our noses enter a room first, so it’s important that the first aroma encountered be a pleasant one. Luckily, new options have become available to make sure your home smells fresh and welcoming 24/7.

This spring, check out these “scents”ible (and fun) options.

1. Reed Diffusers
Relatively new on the scent scene, reed diffusers not only provide lingering scent, they look intriguing as well. If you have never seen one, it basically consists of long, slender reeds (much like spaghetti noodles) placed in a base filled with essential oils. Bases can be short and rounded or tall and rectangular, and come in a variety of colors. The reeds then “wick” the scented oil from the base and diffuse it into the air. Oils available for diffusers come in almost limitless scents, and some companies even boast savory options.

Bonus * Many people love diffusers because they are safer than candles, and the scent lasts a long time.

2. Plug-in Scented Oil Warmers
Several companies have entered the scented oil warmer market. This type of room freshener plugs into wall sockets. Although each brand looks a bit different, they are all are compact, self-contained units that fit closely to the wall. Because there are many types, you can find one that suits your lifestyle perfectly. For instance, some warmers vary the scent every 45 minutes and can last up to 60 days. Other warmers offer a “blast” of fragrance at a touch of a button.

Bonus * Homeowners can place these types of warmers in out of the way places for a boost of freshness. Another positive is that they last a very long time before needing to be replaced.

3. Plug-in Candle Warmers
These are different than the plug-ins described above, as they have warming units that melt wax. One company sweeping the nation with these types of warmers is Scentsy. As described by the company itself, these units use a low wattage light bulb to warm a specially formulated wax that in turn releases scent into the air. There are, however, many types of these warmers available at your local retailer as well. What’s new about this type of fragrance is that you purchase soy or wax cubes that are slowly melted to release intense fragrance.

Bonus * This type of wickless candle last 60 – 80 hours on average, and certain models make great night lights.

4. Potpourri
Although not new to the “scent scene,” potpourri is timeless scent option for your home. Made from a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plants, potpourri provides gentle aromas. The options for displaying potpourri are limited only by your imagination. You can place potpourri in a large sea shell in the bathroom, in a wooden bowl in the den, or even in a flower pot in the sun room.

Bonus * Potpourri is hard to beat for its attractiveness. And scents such as lavender never go out of style!

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