What’s New in Women’s Casual Bottoms

by Lori Sciame | October 14th, 2015 | Casual Wear, Women's Fashion

woman in black pants (400x400)What’s new in women’s casual bottoms this fall?  A whole lot!  From daring fabrics, to bold colors, to interesting designs, women’s casual pants can be called anything but boring. While a great pair of jeans is hard to beat for comfort and style, every woman should take some time to investigate other types of casual wear pants as well. You never know, you might find a new favorite! (I know I did).

Daring Fabrics Spice Things Up

Daring fabrics abound this fall when it comes to women’s casual bottoms.  For instance, several retail giants have their own versions of the faux leather pant.  Both classy and comfortable, these bottoms can be worn to most fun fall happenings, from a homecoming football game to an outdoor concert.  Especially popular are faux leather fronts with knit backs.  Pair these slimming pants with a chunky sweater and heels for an up to the minute fall look.  Check out this awesome pair of faux leather pants from JC Penney.

Also popular this season are lace pants. You will certainly be noticed in form fitting black and white panel lace pants.  Pair them with a casual pullover white top and black flats, and you will be date worthy.

Bold Colors Demand Attention

Many times women fall into a color rut. They think they can only buy black, grey, or brown colored casual bottoms for use during cooler weather.  This could not be further from the truth.  Turn boring into bold by investing in a few pairs of pants that feature bright – even zingy – colors.  For example, red, plum, and even bright green have been seen on fashionistas this fall. Remember, even the most dismal fall day can be sunny again with bold colored clothing! (I adore these super soft, bright red corduroy pants available at Kohls for only $34.99 online).

Interesting Designs Please Everyone

Here is the best part about this fall’s casual bottoms: interesting designs abound. Basically, there is a appropriate style of casual pants available for every woman.  Straight legs, wide legs, flared legs, and everything in between…even stirrup pants have made a comeback.  This means that if you have avoided shopping for fear of only finding skin tight leggings, you will be amazed at the interesting design choices now available. My favorite find this season is the incredible convertible pant. Due to strings at the bottom, you can wear them at the ankle or hoist them and wear them cropped.  View an example of these interesting bottoms by clicking here.

Get Out There and SHOP

Because of the new excitement surrounding women’s casual pants, I encourage you to get out there and shop!  Maybe you have been avoiding mall stores (and shopping websites) because there didn’t seem to be anything of interest to you or that flattered your unique figure.  If so, you will be pleasantly surprised at how far designers have taken the casual pant. There is literally a fabric, color, and a style available for every woman.

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