What’s Not Hot

by Lori Sciame | September 26th, 2012 | Fashion

Identifying the hottest fall trends this year is next to impossible.  This is because almost anything goes.  Long dresses, short minis, leggings, shoulder wraps, hats, gloves, and scarves…there’s something for every woman to love.  Maybe you adored the fashions of the 1960’s.  Michelle Obama has made simple knee-length dresses, much like Jackie O’s, fashionable again.

On the other hand, maybe the infamous fringe vest of the 1970’s is more your style? Good thing vests have been seen on runways in the hottest fashion shows.  My point?  Maybe it’s easier to think about what’s not hot right now, and avoid these items so you don’t commit fashion faux pas.

The first item to avoid – theme sweaters.  Steer clear of any Halloween, Thanksgiving,  or Christmas themed sweater you come across.  Unless you receive such a sweater as a gift from your five year-old, resist the urge to buy one, even a black sweater with a white Scotty sitting next to a Christmas tree on the front – no matter how cute this depiction of the holiday might be.

Another clothing item to avoid – blouses with overly fussy details.  If there are ruffles around the cuffs, the collar, and along the bottom edge, put this shirt back in the closet. Better yet, donate it.  Some unique details on dressy blouses make a statement, but too many look ridiculous.

Pajama bottoms worn in public also make the list of what’s not hot.  In casual situations, it might have been fun to wear kitty PJ bottoms with a cozy sweatshirt.  And running to pick up a few items at the local Starbucks dressed only in flannel may have been the “in” look, but that trend has gone by the wayside.  Opt instead for leggings and an oversized sweater for these types of situations.

Speaking of bottoms, pedal pushers (AKA shorts that end right at the knee) have enjoyed their moment in the sun, and now they have been relegated to the dark of the basement storage area.  Thank goodness!  Even the skinniest woman doesn’t look good in this type of dungaree.

Another nod to what’s not hot goes to matchy-matchy clothing pieces.  The new trend centers on more interesting pairings, including different colors and textures in one outfit.  To stay current, don’t match your shoes with your purse, and don’t go so far as to match your coat with your other attire.  Being vibrant in color choice combinations will garner more looks than being monochromatic from head to toe.

Finally, looking grungy and unkempt has long been out of style.  Even if you attend college or work in an office with a relaxed atmosphere, the trend now promotes being put together.  Don’t roll out of bed, throw on whatever clothing hangs from the chair, and race to the train.  You can still feel casual in many of today’s clothing choices.

As you can gather from this post, almost anything goes in today’s fashion world.  Sometimes it’s easier to not wear something that’s not hot, than to stress over whether you are in style or not.

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