Where Should You Shop In 2010?

by Jaclyn Abergas | February 9th, 2010 | Travel Shopping

There are two more locations that people loved for shopping in 2009: Bangkok, Thailand and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Bangkok, Thailand

Everybody shops in Bangkok because everything is cheap here. And the vendors in Bangkok sell everything imaginable. It’s amazing how they can do that. So, where do you go in Bangkok to shop for the best deals?

Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the largest markets in the world and open only on the weekends. A shopper’s paradise, stalls in Chatuchak Market sells anything and everything from clothes to books to plants, antiques, housewares and many more things that would be too numerous to list. You easily can get items for half the price (or better) of anywhere else. But be sure to haggle. In fact, learn some Thai words and phrases so you can haggle even better.

Panthip Plaza is the place to go to for all your computer needs. You’ll be able to find cheap computer accessories in this seven-story building. Computer software is also available here, but be careful. It’s hard to tell which stores are selling original software and copy software. Don’t buy the first thing you see, haggle and compare prices. That way, you’ll get a good deal.

There are many other places you can shop at in Bangkok. So, don’t blow your entire shopping budget in one place. Don’t forget to compare prices and always haggle.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

There are four shopping neighborhoods to keep in mind when shopping in Buenos Aires: Recoleta, San Telmo, El Centro and Palermo.

Recoleta is the most expensive and upscale shopping neighborhood in Buenos Aires. All items sold here are of European standard of quality, and some clothes and shoes are even made in Europe. A handicraft market is also open every weekend at the Recoleta Plaza. If antiques and flea markets are your thing, then San Telmo is the place to go. Flea markets are open on the weekends, including the best Antique fair in the city.

You’ll find Buenos Aires’ biggest shopping street at El Centro. The Avenue Florida, a pedestrian-only street, is filled with stores selling clothes, books, shoes, electronics and a lot of other items. And visit Galerias Pacifico, an upscale multi-level shopping center that is the most beautiful in the city. And if you want quirky, creative and unique items, then Palermo is the place to be.

Are you ready to max out your credit cards and overstuff your luggage?

Tell us about your favorite shopping destination in 2009!

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