Who Wants a Diaper Bag That Looks Like a Purse?

by Donella Crigger | January 13th, 2014 | Bargains of the Week

hand bagNow that my toddler is nearly 2.5 years old, I’ve been on the hunt for a new diaper bag. I still need one that’s roomy enough for diapers, wipes, ointments, sippy cups and the usual toddler fare, but not one that screams “Baby in tow!” The thing is, I hate diaper bags. Let me clarify. I love large purses and have never been able to carry small ones. However, I don’t like bags that are so huge that others would assume I’m going away for the weekend instead of making a 45-minute trip to the grocery store. I don’t like children’s characters on my bag, either. On my search to find a purse-like diaper bag that’s affordable (under $50), I’ve found a few stylish choices.

Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag

This Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag in the “Cream Links” pattern from Amazon is the top contender for me. The center of the bag unzips on the outside, giving you 20% more room. When you don’t have baby in tow, you can zip up that part to make the bag smaller, more closely resembling a purse. It has insulated bottle pockets, a place for your phone and nine additional pockets to keep all those snacks, toys, hand sanitizers and Band-Aids organized. It’s the perfect toddler tote, currently priced at $49.33. If this bag tickles your fancy, grab it quick. Amazon prices change frequently.

Vera Bradley Mom’s Day Out Bag

The Vera Bradley Mom’s Day Out Bag in Island Blooms is in second place. It is priced at $46.80, and there are a couple of other patterns priced the same. This would be my top choice if my toddler was out of diapers. It seems a little too small for carrying an extra outfit, diapers, wipes and all the other trappings. It has a plastic lining, which is wonderful for carrying those “leak-proof” cups around that aren’t as leak-proof as they advertise. If you have a toddler or older kids, grab this bag while you still can.

Skip Hop City Diaper Bag Tote

Target offers the Skip Hop line, too, and this City Diaper Bag Tote is a good choice for moms with young babies – you know, that stage when you feel like you have to pack absolutely everything no matter how short the trip. It is priced at $50 even, so you can get free shipping if you order this online. Red Card members also get an additional 5% off every day.

Have you found an affordable diaper bag that could double as a purse? Share it with us in the comments!

(Photo courtesy of Mike Tamasila)



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