Who’s Your Shopping Buddy?

by Valerie Mae Diola | September 30th, 2008 | Men's Shopping, Women's Fashion

Have you ever gone shopping with your husband? Or have you ever thought of asking your husband to be your shopping buddy? I know when most women are asked, “Who’s your shopping buddy?” they surely would reply, “My girlfriends!”

Well, for me, it’s my husband. Ever since my sisters went abroad to work and stayed there for good, my husband became my shopping buddy. After our wedding, we settled down in his hometown, which is an hour and a half away from my hometown. My girlfriends, my gay friends, my aunt, my mom and my cousins, who were my shopping buddies before, are an hour and a half drive away. I also have friends in my new hometown, but they’re just acquaintances, and no one seemed to fit as a shopping buddy for me. So, I had no choice but my husband, and guess what? He’s a perfect shopping buddy!

He’s honest and frank and tells me if the dress I choose doesn’t look good on me. He’s also good in choosing something for me. When I went shopping with him last weekend, he was like, “Honey, these skinny jeans will look good on you, you wanna try them?”

At first, my husband felt awkward accompanying me to shop, but after some time he got used to it. The first time he accompanied me in buying lingerie, he was too shy to even choose something for me. But now, he’s the one who tells me which is best for me…after all, he knows my body better than my girlfriends do. My husband is my critic, my financier (of course), my best friend and my shopping buddy.

I now know that nobody can be a more perfect shopping buddy than he. Shopping with him is so much fun, and I thought only my friends could do that.

So, to other wives out there, try shopping with your husbands. Who knows, maybe you can be each other’s shopping buddies! Believe me.

  1. Alicia says:

    my boyfriend is not a shopper so i wouldn’t drag him. i prefer to go alone with my sister or girlfriends.


  2. shadoweaver says:

    Me & my wife always go shopping together. It can actually be a fun experience. I believe the most important thing here is ‘compromise’. Try to talk it over first with your partner or plan your shopping day beforehand. Most guys don’t like it when you dilly dally while shopping so it might help if you show him that you have a plan.

  3. Pauline says:

    My husband and kid. I can never get out of the house without them.

  4. Don says:

    Hmmmnnn. I never shpped for quite sometime now except for groceries… I prefer to shop alone.

  5. When my husband is home (he works abroad & goes home once a year), he goes shopping with me. Just this year, before he left, he even was the one who asked me. He said, ‘Get ready, Ma. We’ll buy you a pair of pants’. Then off we went & he saw 2 nice pairs, asked me to try them on, we liked them and he bought them for me. We shop together even if it’s for groceries, his clothes, our son’s or whatever. He likes it when we do things together when he’s here, even the laundry. But when he’s not here, I do the shopping and the groceries either with my son or alone ;o)

  6. Dianne says:

    It used to be my girlfriends, but then I moved 2.5 hours away .. my husband occassionally, though he usually just tells me “Whatever you want honey..” and isn’t much help, though I do enjoy shopping with him. Now it’s pretty much me and my fashion guru 13 y/o daughter lol. She loves to shop (go figure!)

  7. I love shopping alone! But when I shop for shoes, my husband is the PERFECT companion =D He always picks the sexiest, most outrageously delicious shoes. And most of the time, it’s his credit card that pays for the sexy shoes. So hot!

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