Window Treatments that “Scream Teen”

by Lori Sciame | February 24th, 2011 | Home Shopping

Teens often wish to create a bedroom space that truly reflects their personality. Whether they love sports, movies, animals, or music, decorating options abound. For example, wall color, bedding, and artwork can be coordinated to reflect a specific vision. Often overlooked, however, are creative window treatments. They provide the extra spark to create a perfect teen’s room.

Shopping for window coverings, however, can be aggravating. Unless you can afford custom toppers or special order fabrics, it may be difficult to dress your windows according to your child’s vision. But if you think creatively, there are solutions. These three options, from easy to a little more complicated, may work for your teen.

1. Sheers to the rescue

Given their wispy nature, sheers naturally offer a bedroom an ethereal quality. And with all the colors available, choosing ones that match the room’s décor should be easy.

First you will need to install shades or blinds. This is because sheers do not work well to block light, and all parents know that teens love to sleep in whenever possible. Next, pick your sheer color to coordinate with the mood of room. For instance, if your teen wants to create a dreamy atmosphere and has already incorporated a mix of pastels, you can purchase panels in similar colors. The fun part comes with color placement. Mix it up! Alternate white and color sheers. Most windows can handle four panels, but two panels may provide the fullness you want.

My own 13-year-old daughter opted for all white sheers that puddle on the floor. They take the edge off her zebra striped bedspread and peony pink walls! I have also seen a movie themed room with alternating white and black sheers for a “film” effect.

2. Believe in blankets

Yes, lightweight blankets can be used for window treatments. For instance, if your son or daughter loves the new Super Bowl champions, the Green Bay Packers, and his or her bedroom is bathed in green and gold, you can complete the look by making window treatments from lightweight throws. This easy project costs less than purchasing licensed curtains, and because throws are finished on all sides, the final lookis professional. Another bonus is that many times they will block enough light so that shades or blinds are not needed.

If you have one window, you will need to purchase four blankets, two windows require eight blankets. It is important to make sure that once you flip the top of the blanket to sew a casing that the fabric will still reach past the window sill.

Late winter is a great time of year to purchase throws, because spring and summer merchandise will arrive soon. Given their rise in popularity, there are dozens of lightweight throws, in a variety of colors and prints, available.

3. Photos can be fun

Teens love to display pictures…photos of friends, of pets, of themselves in sports or dance activities. These photographs are treasured, as they provide a visible reminder of his or her special place in the world. If you are crafty, a great project would be to place photos that have been transferred to fabric squares on curtain panels. (A quick search of the Internet turned up a variety of sites that give the “how to’s” of transferring photos to fabric).

Depending on the number of windows in your teen’s room, this may or may not work for you; however, a few curtain panels enhanced with photos would certainly make a teen’s room one of a kind.

Personalizing window treatments in a teen’s room may seem difficult at first, but by tapping into his or her creativity (and yours) you can create something unique. The three suggestions above are a jumping off point… don’t forget to explore local craft stores for additional ideas.

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