Winter 2012: Cashmere, Color, and Comfort

by Mackenzie M. | November 16th, 2012 | Men's Shopping

My favorite time of the year in south Louisiana is here once again. The days are finally starting to cool off, which means that men’s fashion trends of winter 2012 are here. The trends this winter are definitely different that winter 2011, but they seem to be quite regal so far. Classic English and Scottish items are invading American fashion this season. Aside from the carry-over of the ugly sweater trend, this season will be characterized by rich, dark colors, soft, cashmere sweaters, and an overall feeling of comfort over uncomfortable trends. Be on the lookout in your town this winter for a few of the fashion trends listed below.

Blue-Black. Any style magazine that appeals to men in their twenties is pointing to the ‘it’ color of the season, blue-black. The blue is a carry-over from the spring lines of several designers, and it can be seen in nearly every collection from J. Crew to Paul Smith. In sportswear, suits, and even pants, the rich blue-black color is reminiscent of the night sky, rather than the deep blue sea. Designers love the inky shade of the blue, as opposed to the bright colors that characterized the trends in winter 2011.

Aside from the rich blue-black scheme, mall clothing stores like J. Crew and H&M have also introduced dark reds, greens, and even purples. If this season is characterized by one aspect, it is surely the dark noirs of the current color scheme.

Tweed Pants. For the classiest look this season, skip the form-fitting chinos of 2011. This year’s winter fashion for men is all about English tweed. This is definitely not your grandfather’s tweed ensemble. The medium and ashy grays of form-fitting tweed pants are sure to be seen walking the streets of any major city. The grey tweed pants blend nicely with the dark blue-blacks of the season, and they can even be paired with some of the bright blue button downs of last winter. Top it off with a dark tie, and the outfit will be complete. Keep in mind that an average pair of tweed pants can set you back nearly $200. For those on a budget, check out fast fashion retailers like H&M, where these pants can be found for much cheaper.

Comfortable Sweaters. The final punctuating trend of winter 2012 is comfortable, yet flattering sweaters. Classic English and Scottish sweaters made with lambswool are all over the shopping websites of most major retailers. The subdued colors and flattering fits make these sweaters the perfect piece for the 2012 season. While crazy patterns are popular on some of these British-themed sweaters, the majority are simple grays, beige, or earthy browns. While these sweaters can sell for hundreds of dollars, H&M had a wonderful line of knit sweaters in a range of colors and patterns for only $25.

Be sure to shop around for the best bargains on this season’s trends! You can’t go wrong with tweed or cashmere!

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